Here’s a new AT&T smartphone ad (sorry about the ad before the ad):

I send emails and surf the web on my HTC (and read books and occasionally use my laptop) on the bus everyday. Do this while driving, and you’d be lucky if you just get pulled over and not hurt. It’s funny, while car companies push more and more electronics into cars to make driving (and congestion) more comfortable, recent advancements in personal electronics are making time on transit more and more valuable.

3 Replies to “Don’t Try This While Driving”

  1. Another ace in the hole for transit. As things become more unwired, driving can be a waste of time whereas transit time can be productive. I work on the Sounder (which has very crappy wifi on the north end). My dad used to work on the Sounder every evening. Now he works in transit-no-mans-land around the Seattle Centre and has to drive. He now has to do his extra half-hour of work at home or stay at work. Broad Street Sounder station!!!

    Funny tag line “twice as many smart phone users have chosen AT&T”. The iPhone is a smart phone and its far from a business device (having one myself).

    1. Yeah, the iphone and the blackberry bold, probably the two top-selling consumer smartphones.

  2. I cannot afford an unlimited data plan so the loss of free Wi-Fi on Metro buses, the 255 specifically, saddens me.

    I lost my iPod on the 150 so no music or podcasts for me.

    I end up looking out the window while fully enjoying the view, the simplest pleasure. Can’t safely do that while driving, either.

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