We’ll be having a meet-up tonight at Pyramid Alehouse, at 1201 1st Ave S. We’ll start showing up around 6pm, but feel free to come any time after that.

[UPDATE by Martin: Our operating plan is to be on the patio.  If you don’t know what I look like, I’m the guy in the blue shirt in this photo.  I’ll be there by 6.  If we have to move somewhere else I’ll tell the hostess we’re “Seattle Transit Blog.”]

[UPDATE 2: I’m also assured that under-21s can be on the patio as well.]

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  1. I’d like to go but will likely be up to my ears in a project tonight. Have fun, and in the unlikely event that I finish early, then I’ll swing by.

  2. Should we go to the front door and ask for the Seattle Transit Blog? I don’t know what any of you guys look like.

  3. I’ll try to make it. I have a graduation ceremony that I have to go to at key arena.

  4. I’ll try to make this one. I’m either going to try to run home before I go down there or I’ll bring the groceries from the Pike Place Market and ID along with.

      1. Well I made it, don’t think I got a chance to meet with you though we were kind of spread out and I got pretty involved in a couple of conversations.

  5. No dice on the pic. Flickr is blocked at work.

    I might be there early. I’m wearing jeans and a bight orange collared shirt.

    1. Woot! I got home on the 255 after spending an hour on the bus and another hour waiting for it in the International District station. But at least 30 minutes of that waiting was with Mike B and Atomic Taco and another guy which was fun.

      One complaint I have as a transit user is the lack of public restrooms, especially late at night. Good thing that King Street Station’s was open or I would have to find a dark corner.

      1. Yeah, it’s really too bad that Seattle PD can’t control the downtown drug problem. The public toilets the city installed are really handy and oddly enough, don’t seem to have so many problems in other cities. But I guess it’s easier to rip the toilets out than fix the real problem…

        Sorry that ended up turning into an off topic rant.

    1. The Columbia City Alehouse has been used as the STB meetup venue for a few times in the past.

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