There are two of these, actually. About half an hour ago, Mayor Nickels’ train started at Westlake, and Mayor Jim Haggerton of Tukwila’s train started there. The two trains met at Mount Baker station for the opening ceremonies. We’ve got a short clip of Haggerton’s train headed across the Duwamish:

Update: Here’s Dave Ross introducing the mayors at Mount Baker Station. “Seattle has a working light rail system!”

Edit: Apparently, it may be a few minutes before these videos are “processed”.

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  1. Link has arrived!

    Boarding at Westlake (thanks to my insistance at an early arrival)

  2. I was at the ceremony at Mt. Baker and on the inaugural southbound three-car train. All I can think is, “What took us so long?”

    1. Nevermind, I’m using Remote Desktop and I just remembered I have it set to leave audio at the remote computer.

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