7 Replies to “Zero Hour”

  1. Hmmm, watching from a distance… no real reports of massive crowds. It this good or bad?

  2. According to ST’s website, there are no material wait times, except for 4 mins at the Mt. Baker Station.

  3. Yup, no massive crowds…yet. I’m thinking all the other events + warm weather + media reports of large crowds have kept some away.

    If you didn’t have a ticket for the first ride you likely could still have gotten on the train. They didn’t seem to ever check tickets, they just opened a rope and people went up to the platform. And there was plenty of standing space in the (3-car) train I was on.

    I can’t believe I was in tukwila a little bit ago and now I’m 5 miles north of downtown, all without using a car!

  4. It sure looked as though nobody was having to wait through more than one train in the Valley when I came down the hill from Tukwila about 1045.

  5. Trains were semi-crowded but not packed. Some guys who seemed in some way associated with some branch of government seemed disappointed when a fellow rider said Westlake had now wait; I thought it was a pretty good introduction to the system to be able to walk right on to the next train.

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