Our many spies have uploaded many of their opening weekend photos in our Flickr pool.  Enjoy, and contribute any high-quality photos of your own.  There’s also the STB photostream, which solely consists of photos taken or obtained by STB staff.  To be clear, the photostream is a subset of the pool.

10 Replies to “Opening Weekend Photos”

  1. Mine will be up later today, I hope. That’s what you get when you combine a historical event and summer classes.

  2. I’ll be on the train later today to check things out. I’m jealous I didn’t get a chance to ride during opening day =P

    1. You didn’t miss much ;-) Just a broken elevator at Beacon Hill and an ST person telling my brother & I to use the escalator.

      1. (Shakes head) I read about that. Totally not cool.. I mean, really “DUH”

        I’m planning on taking the 174 to the station (shudders) and taking Link to Westlake this afternoon. Probably take the streetcar to Blue Moon burgers if anyone wants to join then take Sounder back South.

        (giddy) It is so nice to have multiple modes of transportation!

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