If I read my Slog correctly, this election will be decided entirely by elderly women in Medina.  If you’d like to have your voice heard as well, this is the last day to have your ballot postmarked in time.  So mail it in.  Obviously, you shouldn’t just drop it in a mailbox without making sure that it’s going to be emptied sometime today.

Even better, go the extra mile and drop it off in person at one of many conveniently located drop boxes.  It saves you the stamp, too!  [UPDATE: There are locations very near Pioneer Square (500 4th Ave) and Othello (3815 Othello St) stations, if you need a Link excuse.]

And of course, you should also read our endorsements before you vote.  Our county exec roundup is also a good read.  And you can share how you voted here if you like.

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  1. You should have made this a part of the “Excuses to Ride Link” series!

    Go drop off your ballot at the Southeast Neighborhood Services Center near Othello Station!

    3815 South Othello Street

    1. I think it’s important to not drop off the ballot at 4:15 when the pick up from that box is 2:00.

  2. Those county elections’ department drop boxes look like curbside facilities, what with their long snoot sticking out, just like a Post Office curbside drop box.

    But the one at the King County Administration Bldg. (the “waffle iron” bldg) is NOT at the curb but almost hidden on the south wall of the 4th Ave. entry plaza — where it’s not visible to circling traffic. (Yes, I know, we should all take transit to the drop site but this morning I didn’t have that option.)

    Tim, if you put your mail in the drop box AFTER its once-daily pickup, your mail will be postmarked tomorrow and not today. That’s the point of checking the pick-up times on Post Office drop boxes.

  3. Unless you live or work near a free drop-box, a stamp is economically and environmentally less expensive. Despite postage increases, a stamp still costs less than bus fare, less than driving an average car half a mile round trip.

    For all its faults, the Postal Service remains remarkably inexpensive public transit for paperwork.

  4. Dow Constantine and Susan Hutchinson move onto the general election. McGinn, Mallahan, and Nickels are in a three-way dead heat.

    1. 8AM Aug 19th:

      With voting results still coming in, Nickels is in third place, trailing Mike McGinn and Joe Mallahan. Most recent election results are:

      * Mike McGinn – 16,891 votes (26.58%)
      * Joe Mallahan – 16,376 votes (25.77%)
      * Greg Nickels – 15,921 votes (25.06%)

      Still too close to call but it’s looking like Nickels may not make it out of the primary. I never would have believed it.

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