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OneBusAway, or OBA for those that like acronyms, is looking for feedback about their service. They have created a web survey that can be accessed here. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete and I wrote a lot so it will take less time for most people. Those who take the survey will also be eligible to win a $25 dollar iTunes gift certificate.

Besides the money this is also a chance for you help OBA quantify the benefits that real-time transit information provides. Remember OBA was created and developed for free by Phd students at UW so the least you can do to support OBA is take the survey.

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  1. yes, meta survey.

    I though the survey was better for determining satisfaction then it was at getting suggestions. but maybe others will be more verbose in the comment boxes than I.

    1. I am one of the grad students working on OBA and you are right about the survey. The results are for a paper we are working on measuring how real-time arrival tools like OBA change perceptions of public transit. We added some additional fields for general OBA feedback, but it’s not the main point of the survey. It’s research papers like this, however, that keep my advisers happy so that I might keep working on OBA ; )

  2. I never saw an option to enter my name/email address for the iTunes gift card drawing. Did I miss a link somewhere?

      1. When I finished the survey I was just given the following page:

        OneBusAway Survey

        Your responses have been submitted.

        Please print this page for your records.

      2. Catalyst defaults to displaying that message. Usually it gives you a MD5 sum to go along with it. Both the print message and the MD5 can be hidden if the creator specifically goes to another page and unchecks a box or two.

  3. The survey mentioned aOneBusAway iPhone app currently in beta testing. Any idea of when it would be released? I have a saved link to the iPhone website on my phone home page, but an actual app would be awesome.

    1. I would love an offline transit app for CT, ST, ET and Metro! It would have to be for all mobile phones. There are some iPhone apps for Metro.

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