About 53 weeks after our 1,000th post, and about 30 months after the first, this is our 2,000th.  I appreciate the volunteer effort of our staff that got us to this number.

I take a bit of pride in the overall quality of the content, and how it’s grown from a site of pro-transit rants into one that does some original journalism (rants still included), and a critical read not only for those who agree with us but all who believe that transit is an important issue in the region.

The other critical element here is the commenters.  Some are in the transit establishment and some aren’t, but their overall knowledge and intelligence continue to amaze me.  The vibrancy and high level of debate here are what separate us from most other blogs — of any stripe — in the area.

Thanks for joining us on this journey to learn more about the transit system.  Keep teaching me things in the comment threads.

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  1. thanks for all the hard work … still think this site could use a forum too … but regardless. Thanks!

  2. You should probably take me off that “staff” page since I’m not going to post again.

  3. Thanks Martin for your great, dignified leadership of the blog and I think you and the other staff members and Andrew too in the past, have all helped to make the STB a vibrant place for information.

    By the way, Dow Constantine whom I went to work for today wiped the floor with Susan Hutchinson on Monday night in an environmental and transportation debate at the Seattle Aquarium! Only in Seattle would one have a meeting against the backdrop of a large tank of fish. I wish I could say that Susan answered any questions during the debate but two rather odd comments struck me – one that Metro should set up demonstration routes to establish their usefulness (as if Metro hasn’t been running how many routes is it now – circa 350 – for decades now? The other remark was that Metro has no routes serving the Mt Baker Station – err, there is a whole transit center next door to it! Apart from that, I vowed to Mr Constantine that I wouldn’t sleep until he gets elected which explains why I am writing this at 12.45am! Mr. Constantine of course is also not sleeping but for a different reason – him out of hope, me out of fear of the opposite. Dow Constantine is a great candidate – the President Obama of the King County area – careful and deliberative in his thoughts and ideas. Susan Hutchinson, by contrast, has an amazing ability to want to delegate everything she doesn’t know to those who do which seems like an odd way of leading. I wanted to ask her – but didn’t get the chance – why it is that Republicans and I assume she is one of them – feel that the best way of governing is by starving the beast and having everyone from the janitors and gardeners to top level management justify themselves every four years to make sure they are still worthy of taxpayer respect. This endless sword of damocles over the heads of our civil servants cannot be good for morale. These guys are just being used as a punching bag. Then Republicans turn around and ask why everything isn’t done or repaired! Sorry, Martin, I went off topic- feel free to delete if you wish?


  4. Reading the Bellevue City Council endorsements I was again struck by the tremendous amount of work done by STB bloggers.

    Naturally, this is amplified and made possible by the internet. Twenty years ago information was spread by the offset printer, itself a tremendous advance on the mimeograph. Quite possibly, the internet makes it possible for modern people to see the solution to every problem as a post on a blog. That is still an almost unbelievable advance from the bad old days, when two daily papers decided that most news was not fit to print.

    But it still comes down to bloggers willing and able to put the time in finding stuff out and posting it for readers- and STB’s got ’em. Thanks, guys.

    1. I think the same thing almost every time I discover a cool new blog or website. If the net had been around for me in the 1960s, I might never have graduated from HS let alone WWU and gone to grad school…

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