[UPDATE: Commenters are referring to the same Everett transit site that I linked to below, as if I didn’t know about it.  However, it is NOT a list of changes, unless someone wants to go through each schedule route by route and compile the differences.]

On Sunday we’ll be tweeting from the Swift Opening, which we’ve already discussed.  However, Nov. 29th will also be the day of the next service change for Community Transit and Everett Transit.  Big changes:

  • Route 114 eliminated, with the trips moved to the 116.
  • Route 100 eliminated, cuts to the 101 (to be replaced by Swift)
  • Elimination of the downtown Everett loop.
  • CT 177 becomes ET 70X.
  • ET adds other routes, renumbers everything.  I wish they’d published a summary of changes somewhere.

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  1. ET did publish a summary of the changes in a brochure, I picked one up at Everett Station a couple weeks ago.

  2. Several PDF files have been up since August regarding the November service changes…

    A basic summary:
    ROUTE 2 – South Everett Circulator
    ROUTE 3 – Everett Station, View Ridge, Casino Road, Boeing
    ROUTE 4 – EvCC, N. Colby, Downtown
    ROUTE 5 – Everett Station, Waterfront
    ROUTE 7 – Everett Station, Mall Station via Evergreen
    ROUTE 8 – Everett Station, Evergreen Center (now via Broadway)
    ROUTE 9 – EvCC, Airport Road (30-min intervals b/c of SWIFT)
    ROUTE 12 – Mall Station, Boeing
    ROUTE 17 – Everett Station, Mall Station via Beverly Blvd
    ROUTE 18 – Everett Station, Mukilteo (formerly Route 23)
    ROUTE 19 – EvCC, Everett Station
    ROUTE 25 – EvCC, Riverside, Everett Station
    ROUTE 27 – Mall Station, Silver Lake, Murphy’s Corner (Mill Creek)
    ROUTE 29 – EvCC, Riverside, Everett Station, Lowell, Eastmont, Silver Lake, Mall Station

    ROUTE 70X – Mukilteo, Boeing (commuter fare $1.50 applies)
    ROUTE 79X – Naval Station, Downtown, EvCC, Marysville, Navy Support Center (commuter fare $1.50 applies)

  3. Also noticed in the ET service changes: three Safeways in Everett become ORCA vendors on new years day.

    The CT Bus Plus book mentions that contract negotiations are underway with neighborhood businesses to have more retail outlets for ORCA cards so that people don’t have to go downtown to get or reload a card.

    1. So right now, the following list shows the only places you can add value/reload your ORCA Card in person? Not very many places and ORCA has been up and running since April/May.

      Whidbey Island – Freeland Liquor

      Snohomish County – Everett Station, College Station, Everett Mall Station, Lynnwood Transit Center, and in January the three Safeways in Everett

      North Kitsap County – Kingston IGA

      Downtown Seattle – Westlake Bus Tunnel and 2nd+Jackson

      Central Kitsap County – Bremerton Transportation Center

      South King County – Saar’s Marketplace in Burien and Rainier Beach and Vashon IGA

      Pierce County – Bus Shop Commerce Street, Bus Shop Tacoma Dome Station, Bus Shop Lakewood and the Saar’s Marketplaces at Tacoma(2), Parkland and Lakewood

      Any Sound Transit Ticket Vending Machine along the Central Link and The Sounder Commuter Rail

  4. I was told that the safeways will only be able to add value to card, not give out cards, i hope that is not true.

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