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Last month “on ramp” linked to a PSRC poll on attitudes to transportation in our region (pdf).  Although it’s important not to read too much into polls, the findings are pretty encouraging to transit advocates, and there’s some useful information on messaging:

  • “Addressing climate change” is highly important, but doesn’t resonate as well as “protecting waters” and “ensuring clean air”
  • Expanding transit is top transportation priority
  • “Moving traffic and people safely” and “Reducing traffic congestion” are highly important (but not as “intense” as some environmental priorities)
  • No funding alternatives are “popular” but a vehicle emissions fee is least offensive

Those highlights merely scratch the surface; check out the presentation.

8 Replies to “PSRC Survey”

  1. This poll shows that older people are more inclined to support transit than younger ones. How did that happen?

    1. Interesting observation. Looking again, I don’t think it’s quite that clear-cut, but it certainly does cut against the Prop 1 polling last year.

      1. It might be related to the cell phone effect. It’s hard to get a good sample of that age group without calling cell phones.

      2. I believe that it measures % so unless the number of was low enough to not get an accurate sample, I’m not seeing how that would have much effect.

    2. Looking again, especially at pages 30 and 32, the 65+ Demographic is one of the groups most likely to think “Completing the existing road, bridge and highway system” is extremely important or important (77%) and one of the least likely to say that “Expanding transit” is extremely important or important (34%).

    1. pds,

      email us a link. I won’t promise anything but if it strikes someone’s fancy then yes.

      Or, you could always email us about doing a guest column, if you have something to say.

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