[UPDATE: Erica Barnett has written up the briefing.]


If you’re a transit advocate, following the happenings in Olympia can be a pretty masochistic exercise.  Nevertheless, the Transportation Choices Coalition is probably the one organization most closely aligned with the principles of STB.  The man they send to Olympia to take all the bullets is Policy Director Bill LaBorde, who will be giving a preview of what’s to come, and exactly what kind of defensive crouch you should use:

FRIDAY FORUM: 2010 Legislative Preview
December is here and the 2010 Legislative Session is almost upon us. With a short session and the State’s budget crisis worsening, expect the legislative session to be fast-paced and focused on filling the $2.6 Billion and growing hole in the state’s operating budget. That said, Transportation Choices Coalition will be working hard on your behalf everyday to ensure that Washington residents have the option to take transit, bike, or walk in their community. Find out what’s on our legislative agenda with a special sneak preview this Friday.

As always, feel free to bring your lunch.

WHAT: 2010 Legislative Session Preview with Policy Director Bill LaBorde
WHEN: Friday, December 4, 12 – 1:30 pm
WHERE: Downtown YMCA, 909 4th Avenue, Seattle

I wish I could go.

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  1. KUOW radio was there also… Good showing of folks, but most representing one group or another.

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