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  1. As a Tacoma resident, and a transit user and supporter, I think that the additional link stop that is proposed (only two blocks away from another stop) is pretty silly. I would be happy to here the perspective from the STB contingent.

    1. In addition, I think Sound Transit needs to add a Link stop at Graham and MLK Way as well. However I think the Graham station would probably cost in the range of $10m and not the $100,000 this small station would cost.

      1. I’m guessing more like $30-40m.

        Really, more than that. You can’t just slow down the airport users.

      2. Typically, most LRT stations only cost $2 to 8 million dollars for a surface station and $10-20 million for elevated stations. I would love to have a station there at Graham and at South 133rd to serve the industrial district there. Not to mention AMR, BECU, and several other medium sized companies and server farms there. It would make the most sense as well to build a new park and ride here if there are going to be any built along the line that is next to a freeway/highway.

    2. It sounds like an alright idea, and costing very little for a pretty good benefit for people around there. Maybe in conjunction with this they could move the Convention Center station across the street to the south so it’s actually right in front of the Convention Center?

    3. It will make transferring between Tacoma Link and the busses on Commerce easier, which has been a frustration of mine in the past.

    4. shouldn’t be a real issue if you are referring to Tacoma Link (like the Seattle Streetcar) …

    5. I like it – I say go for it, not that I have much impact. I’d like to see Tacoma help to extend Link all the way to the lovely Stadium High School at the top of the hill there – at least to the Stadium District and to Wright Park.

      1. I heard that when they reconstruct Stadium Way in the next couple years they will include streetcar tracks, so we’ll be getting service to the Stadium District pretty soon! Then there’s also ST2 money to pay partly for further extension to Tacoma General.

      2. Yes, I heard that too – it badly needs some work done on it to make it both safer for children walking along it and more aesethetically pleasing. I hope they do something with the brambles and jungle facing Commencement Bay on the east side of Stadium Way.

  2. If PAYD insurance catches on in the future, does that mean I could get exempted from the gas tax and instead pay VMT?

  3. I noted in the above Governor Gregoire’s remarks on the tunnel to replace the viaduct and obviously I am engaged to her way of thinking on the subject.

    By the way, related to the tunnel, but there was an interesting piece in the Daily Journal of Commerce this past week on Metro putting out to bid for a new Central/Atlantic base, Read it – it is quite interesting. Nice design and ‘Green’ features etc.

    1. Sorry I should have said that this relates to the AWV project because Metro will have to shuffle its buses around various bases as work continues on both the viaduct replacement and that huge maze of bridges crossing 4th Ave South and between Quest and Safeco Fields.

    1. This low density is most definitely sprawl, as if everyone did this, you would need vastly more land than we currently take up, and to get that land you would need to sprawl outwards into currently untouched territory. If you did have enough land, this would be fine as long as you wanted a subsistence-farming based society without any further human employment. But for all other types of employment than agriculture, you need dense cities where everyone can work together.

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