M/V Walla Walla departing from Edmonds on a sunny evening - By Brian Bundridge
M/V Walla Walla departing from Edmonds on a sunny evening - By Brian Bundridge

Here is ferry roundup!

M/V Sealth still out of service after damage to the vessel’s engine output shaft.

WSDOT is offering ride vouchers for those disrupted during the Port Townsend/Keystone closure.

Gov. Gregoire congratulates Port Townsend students for new vessel name class for the 64-car ferries: the Kwa-di Tabil Class, which means “little boat”

M/V Chetzemoka is progressing swiftly. Todd Shipyards are installing windows, doors, lighting and other accessories on-board the vessel currently. The Chetzomoka is scheduled to start service this Summer once six weeks of crew training and sea trials are completed.

Speaking of new ferries, the first 144-car ferry is scheduled to start construction next year.

WSF is featured in The Coast Guard Compass

Trouble deciding if you want to move to ORCA or stick with Wave2Go? Check out this handy guide by WSF

WSF is proposing to expand the reservation system to other routes

King County Water Taxi propose a 50-cent fare hike

Ever wondered what boat you are going to get? Or perhaps you have one of interest? Check out the WSF Vessel Watch

Have you pondered just what happened to your ferry and why it isn’t in service? You can see when your vessel is scheduled for maintenance by checking out this page

The state wants ferry rider opinions on the services.

Fun Facts!

Did you know that WSF also has ferry service in Eastern Washington? The little known Martha S has been making trips across the Columbia River since 1948. The free service runs from 6am to midnight, every day and takes about 10 minutes to make the crossing

Did you know that there are several other ferry systems around Washington State? Exploring some of these operations could make for a fantastic vacation this summer!

Did you know that all ferries shares something similar to diesel locomotives? The Super Jumbo Mark II vessels for example use the same high powered engines that EMD uses in their SD70 series locomotives. The Super Jumbo Mark II however has 4 engines, producing 4000HP each.

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  1. You missed one Brian. The big controversy in Whatcom County these days is the pending cancelation of the Lummi Island ferry.
    Seems the county and Lummi tribe forgot to get the Bureau of Indian Affairs to sign a lease 25 years ago, so now the Lummi tribe intends to chain up the ferry dock until a new lease is signed. Oh, they only want 2 million a year for the right of passage to the Whatcom dock and ferry over county maintained roads.

  2. Thanks Brian

    Do you have any news on when they might repaint the Hyak on the Bremerton run – it looks like a ship just raised from the bottom of the Sound – rust and barnacles!

    1. I suspect they’re waiting to repaint until the vessel goes in for major renovation work (whenever that happens).

      1. Hyak spends a couple of weeks at Eagle Harbour in early March – perhaps she’ll be prettified then – looking rather sad just now. She is the first built of the 4 vessels in that group and is now in her mid-40s.

      2. Good if so – she looks like a rusting hulk right now – as if James Cameron had just raised her from the bottom of the Atlantic to form a prop for a new movie on the Titanic

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