Stop stealing the spotlight, Oran. (By Atomic Taco)

Tomorrow is International Bus Driver Appreciation Day.  Whether you only commute by bus, or run all your everyday errands on transit, we encourage you to show your appreciation through any way you can (try to keep it in moderation; drivers are more inclined to accept sealed food containers than a cookie produced out of your pocket). Even though it may be “Bus” Driver Appreciation Day, it certainly doesn’t hurt to say a quick thanks to train or streetcar operators if you manage to catch of glimpse of them (as long as you’re not disrupting them in the cab).

Last February already saw a Bus Driver Appreciation Week, but we know it’s never enough for what many drivers put up with.  For someone who doesn’t witness enough riders thanking their drivers when exiting out the front, here’s a big thanks to all our driver readers and their coworkers.

8 Replies to “March 18th: International Bus Driver Appreciation Day”

  1. I didn’t know you drove for Community Transit :::giggle:::

    A big thank you to all operators, especially when your wheelchair lift wants to fight with you and the securement straps don’t want to properly attach to my chair; yet, you still keep your cool (while being cussed out by that impatient passenger in the back of the bus who’s being a jerk).

    1. I just wish all the local buses were low-floor so that everyone could benefit from stepless entry and a ramp instead of a lift. CT did a good job with that in my opinion.

      I wonder what Metro will replace the Bredas, and eventually Gillig trolleybuses, with. Perhaps some E60LFRs and E40LFRS?

      1. I totally agree. I think that wheelchair ramps are much easier for all passengers, but particularly chair users. Doesn’t really solve impatient passengers while a driver is struggling with wheelchair securement systems, but I guess you just have to hope that most people would be understanding!

  2. Thank you drivers—-You are a patient, friendly, skilled group and I am happy we have a decent bus system. You are my main transportation —-so I have encountered many, many drivers. While I am at it thanks for getting my lost items back to Lost and Found for me. I like Mr, Lost and Found too. Another not so easy job. *SMILES*

  3. A huge thanks to every bus and train driver from someone who has been riding Seattle Transit, the Monorail, Metro and Sound Transit for a half century.

  4. I wished four or five drivers a happy Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Metro must not have done much for it, since every driver was responded with something along the lines of “What? Are you serious?”

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