8 Replies to “Help Sound Transit Improve Their Website”

  1. Sound Transit should have an interactive transit map, bus-only map, and rail-only map on their home page. There are people from all over the world who can’t speak or read english, and all they see it writing.

    MAPS are universal!

    1. I agree. The number one issue for me however is the trip planner. It’s embarrassingly bad. TransLink in Vancouver has an excellent trip planner.

      Number two would be a mobile site. Can’t believe this hasn’t been done yet…

      1. They should take some cues from the Community Transit trip planner. I like CT’s planner with the icons and easy to read interface.

  2. They should hire you, Oran…period!

    Actually, the suggestions above are great however I think there should be one, unified website that contains: 1) a trip planner that emcompasses ALL forms of transportation in this area, 2) icons for each transit option: buses (local/commuter/long distance/BRT), rail (streetcar/light rail/monorail/commuter/long distance), ferry (WA state/water taxi/private operators) that you can click on to get all the schedule information on each mode, 3) one nice, unified map showing ALL modes of transit from each agency in ONE map, 4) trip planner for mobile phones that is easy to use (Vancouver and Portland stand out). We don’t lack the know how to build something like this in this area.

    Like I said, hire Oran…

  3. The things I would like to see are:
    1) publish a regional frequency map to distinguish what level of service is available – commuter service (# trips), local service (headway) that gives me an idea of where transit is a good option vs. a potential option and lets me know where better transfer points might be if I see 2 high freq lines intersecting…

    In the trip planner,
    2) include biking options
    3) open up the walk radius – currently it will only give you a max walk of 1 mile, but if you are totally dependent and willing to walk farther, why would the trip planner tell you no? Currently, I walk 1.15 miles and then it’s 1 bus to work, not 2 with a transfer. I like the exercise – in the eve I take the 2 bus combo since the xfer is only 5 min & puts me 4 blocks from home. I’m sure other people have figured out similar trips, but the TP won’t give them to you.
    4) incorporate a graphical method for choosing origin and destination. Some people are visual thinkers. Sometimes you don’t have the exact address where you’re going, but know where it is on the map. Sometimes you aren’t sure exactly where you are but, can use a nearby landmark or business to figure it out.
    5) if there is a mobile app, it should ask if you want to use your present location as a starting point (or default) and grab the gps-coordinates from the phone.
    6) users should be able to create and save origin/destinations like home, work, bff, etc. so you can quickly pop up directions from wherever you happen to be.
    7) allow multi-destination itineraries – airlines can do it, why not ST. i.e. I want to go from lynnwood to canyon park, take ~40 minutes to get coffee w/ friend and drop off docs at my accountant, then proceed to bellevue…

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