10 Replies to “Second Annual Pantless Link Ride”

  1. Why is STB covering something this idiotic? This is something I’d expect to see on the front page of The Seattle Times, alongside the seismic reading of football fans behaving like Dave Puddy on Seinfeld. However, at least the fans provide sizable ridership for LINK and Sounder.

    Mark Dublin

      1. Also included is a three minute thirty two second video. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and this video was shot at 29.97 frames per second, the video alone is worth 6,353,640 words. Add that to the 43 words that make up the post and we have a 6,353,683 word post, whereas Mark’s commentary is a mere 47 words (49 if you include him signing his name), which is far less than .01%

  2. Remember transit-blog trolls, today is PANTLESS trolling day so wherever you are, drop ’em…

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