With ballots out, the Prop 1 campaign is going into overdrive and they need your help!

Ballots have dropped. Now it’s time to vote yes on Prop 1!

There’s 380,000 registered voters in Seattle — and the best way to convince them to vote yes is with face-to-face conversations. That’s why I’m excited that you’ll be coming to our Big Neighborhood Canvass this Sunday!

Proposition 1 is a down payment on becoming a 21st Century great American city. Designed by a citizen panel, Prop 1 will connect our neighborhoods with fast, reliable transit service, double our annual investment in sidewalks, nearly double the number of neighborhood repaving projects we do every year, and expand family-friendly bicycle infrastructure. Prop 1 is thousands of smart, simple improvements that will make our transportation system work better for everyone.

But our opponents are working to defeat us with a deceptive campaign that has mis-stated facts and mis-represented who their supporters are. In fact, our opponents are supported by the president of the Seattle Republican Party and their main funder is an anti-transit land barron.

With ballots in everyone’s mailboxes, we’ve got to double-down and talk face-to-face with thousands of Seattle voters this weekend. And we absolutely need you Max this Sunday to make it happen.

Day: Sunday, October 23rd
Meet: 11 a.m. at the Sierra Club Office, 180 Nickerson St.
End: 3-4 p.m.

We’ll meet at 11:00 a.m. at the Sierra Club at 180 Nickerson Street. We’ll have coffee and donuts, and we’ll get you a clipboard, list of households, a map, fliers, and a reusable bag to put all the materials in. Mayor Mike McGinn will fire us up with a rally speech, then we’ll get a quick training to set us up for success.

You’ll then drive (or bike) out to your assigned neighborhood where you’ll talk to folks face-to-face. Make sure you have water and snacks to keep you energized all day. After you’ve knocked on your houses, you’ll come back to the Sierra Club to drop off the materials and your results. You should be done around 3 p.m.

If you have a car, please drive it. There’s ample parking at the Sierra Club and getting people to the neighborhoods will be a ton easier. Also, make sure you bring a rain jacket and wear good walking shoes.

Afterwards, I encourage you to join us at the Nickerson Street Saloon to celebrate. Families welcome.

We really need your help, so thank you so much for coming this Sunday.


Brock Howell
Field Director
Streets For All Seattle

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4 Replies to “Yes on Prop 1 Neighborhood Doorbelling This Weekend”

  1. I understand Prop 1 includes a large piece of pie for street repairs/improvements, and there are undeniable logistical benefits to driving, and that everyone will no doubt be carpooling, but it is kind of funny that the Sierra club twice suggests that folks DRIVE to the morning meeting, then DRIVE to the neighborhoods. Just sayin’.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. I’ve done canvassing for them before so I know why they say that. Since I don’t have a car so took the bus to their offices, but as we were canvassing in West Seattle on a Sunday so it would have been near impossible if everyone had took the bus.

    2. Yeah, but one way to read it is “public transit in this city sucks, so sadly we’re gonna need help transportatin’ people around…”

      It’d be nice if they actually stated it that way of course.

      That said, although I have fond memories of the Sierra club from my youth (they operate[d] great ski lodges in the Sierras!), and think they play an important part in representing the “sensible and thoughtful, play within the system” segment of the green/progressive spectrum, they do seem to have a large contingent of members who are hmmm, maybe you could call them slightly greener limousine liberals… sure they’re all for the environment, but live in large suburban homes, and drive to all their protests, and have some sort of carefully crafted justification…

  2. Any of you freaks come to my house and you’d better make sure to pay attention to the “No Soliciting” sign, or you’ll meet the same fate as the Mormon missionaries, save-the-Earth fundraisers, and magazine sales people who can’t read: A face full of bug spray. Trust me, Raid is no fun.

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