Tomorrow, Seattle’s Neighborhood Greenways is hosting a meet-up tomorrow at Mosaic Coffee House in Wallingford. The meet-up will feature Steve Durrant from Alta Design and Sally Bagshaw who will speak about post-Prop 1 funding opportunities for bicycles. For those interested, the details are below the fold.

– 6:30-7:00: Potluck dinner
– 7:00-7:20: Neighborhood updates + Bob’s new greenway system mapping tool
– 7:20-8:20: Guest presentation by Steve Durrant
– 8:20-8:30: Closing thoughts by Sally Bagshaw on post-Prop 1 funding

– Bring a dish or dessert of your choice to share.
– Sorry, but alcoholic beverages are not permitted by our venue.
– We encourage you to consider buying a drink from this non-profit coffee shop, so that we may continue to use this space at no charge.

You can read more here.

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  1. Thanks, Andrew. Would love to take the 44 over, but schedule to attend presentation on Roald Amundsen at the Nordic Heritage Museum in Ballard, celebrating 100 years after Amundsen’s arrival at the South Pole.

    Amundsen’s Norwegian expedition not only got to the Pole first, but made it home in good condition and had a great time. By contrast, Robert Scott and several of his English compatriots not only got to the Pole second, but suffered needlessly all the way and died miserably.

    “The Last Place on Earth”, by Roland Huntford, is good reading for everyone dealing with problematic endeavors, like building a transit system. Starting out knowing what you’re doing isn’t everything. But it’s your only chance to stay alive to do all the other things.


    Mark Dublin

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