Most read posts of 2011 (according to Google Analytics)

1) Seattle Frequent Transit Map (Oran, 1/18) If you haven’t told your bus-riding friends about this, you’re doing them a disservice.

2) That’s A Lie (Adam, 6/28) When Adam gets mad, that’s news. Especially when it’s about the tunnel. Plus, Slog linked here.

3) Metro Goes Big for Fall 2012 Service Change (Bruce, 10/25) A huge subject that affects a lot of people, written by our route guru.

4) Let’s Build a Seattle Subway! (Ben, 11/23) Ben really caught fire with this. It makes me more hopeful then I’ve been for a while.

5) $20 CRC to Pass; Ride Free Area to be Eliminated (John, 8/12) The Ride Free Area generates lots of opinions.

6) Metro’s New Bus Stop Signs (Oran, 9/9) This one makes me scratch my head a bit.

7) We Should Pay: Free Ride Advocates Miss the Point (Roger, 10/20) Our angle on Occupy Seattle.

8) Good To Go Transponders Available, $10 Dollar Bonus (Adam, 2/16) Of course, an article about road tolling infrastructure would get lots of eyeballs on a transit blog.

9) In Defense of High Speed Rail (Andrew, 2/26)

10) Who Will Ride the First Hill Streetcar? (Zach, 12/20) This could conceivably move up a few slots early next year.

Most commented below the jump.

Most commented posts of 2011

1) Metro Goes Big for Fall 2012 Service Change (See above) It’s not surprising that lots of people had something to say about this. 386 comments (as of Dec. 28th) is the all-time STB record.

2) Details of Potential Metro Cuts (Martin, 5/9) Woo! There I am!

3) Brooklyn Station Open House Report (Tim Bond, 1/28) People love talking about station locations.

4) Let’s Build a Seattle Subway! (See above)

5) RapidRide Survey: Fares and ORCA (Oran, 2/4) Everyone has an opinion about ORCA.

6) $20 CRC to Pass; Ride Free Area to be Eliminated (See above)

7) North Corridor Update (Andrew, 12/9) 99 vs. I-5 is one of those subjects that catches fire.

8) We Need The Full $80 – Here’s Why (Ben, 8/10) I think Ben’s right that going to $80 would have cost approximately zero votes, and won some by providing more tangible benefits.

9) S. 200th Station Open House Recap (Tim Bond, 10/11)

10) Failed Logic Leads to Blight, Not TOD (Roger, 12/13) The endless Roosevelt zoning war was sure to make an appearance.

13 Replies to “STB’s Most Popular Posts of 2011”

  1. Sure, but you cant just look at posts in isolation like this. I think we need Bruce to do some analysis to tell us which posts were overperforming and which were underperforming. Which ones generated the most comments with the fewest page views? Underperforming posts should be scrapped, in my view. People can transfer to a more high-performing post to comment.

    Happy New Year, guys.

    1. I smell a conspiracy here.
      I find it very disturbing that some of the bloggers themselves have generated many of the comments. Coincidence? Or something to pump up ratings at the end of the year?
      You be the judge!

      1. Our current non-spam comment total is 128,482. I bet that writers/admins represent no more than 2-3% of the comment total, and those are usually in response to readers’ corrections or suggestions. Conspiracy theory squashed! ;)

      2. Ouch, Zack. I’ve been body slammed by statistical evidence. Next you’ll be jumping off the top rope on my poor writhing mass.

    1. There were a lot of post on the topic so it probably spread out the readers/comments over multiple posts.

  2. The view to comment ratio would be interesting too. Odd that only one of the most commented posts made it to the list of 10 most read posts.

  3. I’d love to see the posts ranked by # of unique commenter IPs. A rough way to see how many people got in on the discussion.

    Of course, people who are address-hopping to dodge bans on other sites will get overrepresented in that metric.

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