In an effort to get a better understanding of our readers (and also get more relevant advertisers), we’re conducting our first annual reader survey.  In addition to the basic demographic info, we also want to know what you want to see more of on the blog, and what other sites you’re reading.

The survey takes just a minute to complete – it’s only 10 questions! So if you wouldn’t mind, click the link and fill it out? Thanks.

10 Replies to “Annual Reader Survey”

  1. I checked the box for more development news, especially transit oriented development news, but otherwise this site is doing fine. Keep it up!

  2. – STB needs to move away from the aggregation side of transit information (reposting other people’s stuff), and move more toward original content. Do more of your own work.

    – Get out of your homes and offices, close your laptops, and go talk to transit users. I get the feeling you never really get out and ask people, hey, how do you like this new transit route, etc?

    – More interviews. Do you ever put in requests to interview and have Q and A’s with people like Joni Earl, Kemper Freeman, Mayor McGinn, etc?

      1. If I were given a official title like STB Senior Transit Correspondent, or STB North Sound Bureau Chief, yes, I would.

      2. VistaPrint has some great deals on business cards. $10 for 500.
        As self appointed “Emperor of Second Guessing Everyone”, I’ll be happy to peer review your work.

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