For our year-end meetup, we’ll be at the Tap House Grill in Downtown Seattle on 6th and Pike starting at 5:30pm on Thursday December 20. The location is all ages and, of course, quite well-served by public transit. There will be a surprise guest and lots to discuss.

If you’re planning on attending, let us know in the comments so we can get a rough headcount.

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  1. Awesome, I’ll be there! For those not young like me, Tap House has lots of awesome beer…So I’ve heard.

  2. I’m interested in attending but I’ll have to put myself down as a “maybe” until further notice. It’s a convenient location for me, though – right across the street from my office building and around the corner from my bus stop.

    1. If by “open bar” you mean “the bar will be open for the purchase of drinks by you” then yes. :)

      1. Boo! I mean, come on, I turned Adblocker Plus off for STB, that should get me at least a drink token! :D

      1. While I doubt that is actually Norman (notice the spelling), if he or Sam had the balls to show up I’d buy them a beer.

        Like most trolls though I imagine they are too cowardly to show their faces in public.

        Hell, I’ll give props to John Bailo for at least using his real name, and behind apparently sincere in his (inaccurate) beliefs. If he shows up I’ll buy him a beer as well.

      2. I’ve met John Bailo in person at a seminar. I thought he was a personable and I wouldn’t mind having a beverage with him.

      3. The Bailoman first used a pseudonym when he came here, then switched to his real name.

        (As if I knew whether it’s his real name or not…)

  3. Probably not, its a date night…nice dinner kind of date night, not “let’s go to the transit blog meetup kind of date night :-D But who knows, maybe I can finagle something.

  4. Why don’t we all guess how long it’s going to take Crapid-Ride from Ballard. Then, d.p. can bring a stopwatch and when we’re there, we reveal our guesses. Whoever comes the closest gets a free beer!

    (Or, will d.p. be taking the 40 instead?)

  5. Would if there were a return Sounder at night.

    Some time you guys should do a field trip to Kent to see what the 21st century looks like.

    The bazaar, not the cathedral!

      1. Naked Pizza maybe? It’s right near Kent Station…bring your bikes and we can tour “suburban apartment complexes”.

        Probably wait for better weather though…

      2. I’m thinking about getting a bike again this spring. Partly inspired by your rides to Algona and such. Partly inspired by your rides to Algona and such. And all those trails and semi-rural places I’ve never seen because it’s so hard to get there by bus.

        By the way, what’s the best way to bike from Capitol Hill to Kent? I used to use MLK for CD/RV because it’s flat and wide, but that was before Link. But what do you do when you get to Rainier Beach, how do you get to the Interurban Trail?

      3. Beacon Ave. and Lake Washington Blvd. are good bike routes through south Seattle. From there, you can get to the Green River Trail and the Interurban.

  6. The meetup was great. Ben announced that the ST board today voted unanimously for the ST3 planning package. Metro Manager Kevin Desmond and Mayor McGinn talked about the recent reorganization and Metro’s budget situation and Seatle’s first steps on the Transit Master Plan, etc, and they took questions. I had lots of good discussions with several people. There were so many topics I can’t really keep my thoughts straight to report more.

    But I did want to mention one thing. asdf(?) wants to put together a group of people for transit hikes. I.e., you’d meet at a bus stop and hike on the nearby trails and hills and maybe even some in the city or suburbs. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about this soon, because I would like to.

    1. Thanks for the report! I was stuck at the office until after 8:00, so couldn’t make it. I still hope to actually meet all of you before too long.

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