Sound Transit has posted several video animations of Lynnwood Link making its way north from Northgate.  This is a great way to visualize the NE 130th Station option and Segment C options  previously covered on the blog.  Looks like Northbound riders should have an excellent view of the 15th hole at Jackson Park Golf Course.  It’s no nude men’s beach, but then what do you expect for a measly $5.83 cost per boarding?

Lynnwood Segment A

Segment B & C after the jump. If you’re having trouble seeing the embedded video, you can view it on ST’s site.

Lynnwood Segment B

Lynnwood Segment C

15 Replies to “Watch Link Make its Way to Lynnwood”

  1. So if I’m understanding this correctly, an elevated station at 130th would not include any changes to the street, but an at-grade station would include a new (apparently much wider) intersection? Seems a bit odd to me that they would need that, especially if the at-grade station does not appear to add new parking.

    1. Partly right. The elevated option clears the existing bridge, so no changes to the road. The surface option goes right through it, which provides the opportunity to rebuild with better access factilies for bikes & peds.

  2. Sigh, watching billions of dollars wind along a freeway and single-family homes as far as the eye can see, and Lynnwood Link is IMO the least bad of the suburban extensions.

    Imagine how this video will look in say 2018 as we envision winding through the woods and vacant lots of Milton and Fife as we stubbornly complete the ‘regional spine’ to Tacoma.

    1. As transit advocates our goal must be to serve everyone, whether they live in a single-family home or not. Plus these stations ought to serve as nodes for TOD that can expand new supply outward and begin to make these SFH neighborhoods more dense. No, the objection here should be to the totally unnecessary and massive parking garages.

      1. We definitely don’t need EVERY place to be as dense as Capitol Hill or Roosevelt(soon to be) or SLU…We need a variety of housing in the region, so everyone gets to choose how and where they want to live, within their means of course. Now, it would be great if every LINK station has great connections to bus routes so outlying people don’t need to use their cars, but if Sound Transit insists on building parking garages, that is where we need to draw the line and say NO.

    2. Tacoma and the south end also have much more frequent and reliable sounder service something the north end is lacking due to mudslides and trackage issues.

  3. Those who know Lynnwood better than I do would do well to comment on the TOD ramifications of the Segment C alignments. Alignment 2 seems utterly pointless (why run through the middle of a park?). Alignment 1 could put a station in the heart of TOD, whereas Alignment 3 sits between a parking garage and a freeway. So Alignment 1 strikes me as having the best opportunity to spur development of a dense urban neighborhood in Lynnwood.

    I really wish we’d fought harder to send this thing up Aurora rather than I-5, but it will still have immense value.

  4. Seeing that straight, quick, efficient Lynwood Link line makes me realize ST is finally getting it right. They are learning from their (very expensive) mistakes. Namely, the meandering, slow, political Central Link. Perhaps they had to pander to a certain communities in order to do things the right way going forward?

  5. Those videos are insufferably long. Way too many unnecessary pauses. I hope they can figure out how to cut out the dead time.

    1. If you play a little Tijuana Brass in the background while you watch, it goes faster. Strangely in sync, too, LOL.

      Actually I thought they were extremely well done videos. Tip of the hat to whoever put this together.

    2. Totally! Do they think we are all a bunch of idiots who need so much time do understand what we are seeing?

      1. Easy folks. These videos were timed to be accompanied by a verbal briefing that describes what’s being seen in detail. The audience was the Board of Directors, not the iphone generation.

  6. This shows how immensely better the eastern Mountlake Terrace station is over the median station. The eastern station is right next to the bus bays and significantly closer to the city center.

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