Photo via Q13 Fox News
Photo via Q13 Fox News

In breaking news late Tuesday evening, an SR 520 construction crane hit a road sign support, causing a sign to fall onto the front of a Metro bus. All lanes of SR 520 are currently closed. Coach #1155 was badly damaged, and early reports are that 7 of the 20 people onboard the #271 bus have been evaluated for minor injuries, one of whom had to be extracted. This incident comes just days after another worker was killed in a work-related fall on the bridge. This story will be updated Wednesday morning as more details are available.

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  1. oh no, the 271, my erstwhile favoritebus, so poorly-insulated but so warmly-lit.

    Hope everyone is ok and that all injuries turn out to be minor. (also glad that one of my friends was not on this particular 271.)

  2. Do any of the newer buses have air bags? The drivers face is mere feet from any collision.

  3. Amazing how quick this incident gets a post, yet the incident involving the ST (1st Transit) bus blowing the light at Totem Light killing two people was merely a blip In the “News Roundup.”

    1. Try not to read anything into that. We’re all volunteers here, and we’re able to report breaking news only sporadically. I happened to be by a computer when the news broke, that is all. We’ve been quick on some things (Link copper theft, I-5 collapse) and slow/roundup on others (Totem Lake, etc)

      1. Thanks to all the present and former Vols at STB for many hours of reading enjoyment over the last 8 years. Keeping a BLOG up, free of spam and non-sense, topical, and well respected is no easy feat having failed at more than one myself. And thanks for tolerating my sometimes frustrated opinion of how transit here is settling for 2nd best through sarcasm, opinion and occasional wit.

    2. Charlotte, the latter incident reflected poorly on ST. This incident happened to the bus.

  4. Isn’t that one of those single door 30′ buses? I didn’t know there were any cross lake routes that used them.

    1. Some of the evening trips on the 271 now use 30ft equipment that come from other routes during the day.

    2. Bellevue Base doesn’t operate many cross lake routes, and when they do, it’s fair game for whatever they have

    3. Bellevue Base will have smaller equipment on more of its trips for a little while.

      The original plan was to retire all remaining Gilligs, 30/35/40 feet, Real Soon Now. The 30- and 35-footers were going to be replaced one-for-one by New Flyer 35-footers, while the 40-footers were going to all retire and be only partly replaced by new 40-footers that will show up in the next few months.

      But both the additional county revenue that prevented cuts and Seattle Prop 1 mean that Metro needs more buses. Some Gilligs will have to stay, and Metro is keeping 30-footers, which are a few years newer than the others. All remaining 30-footers will be based in Bellevue. So in effect Bellevue is having some retiring 40-footers replaced by 30-footers moved over from North and South.

  5. I read that the the crane didn’t hit the sign, rather the crane dropped a pipe onto the top of the bus, which then bounced up and hit the sign, then pulling the sign down onto the bus.

  6. Machinery and people. If I’d started any work day thinking of everything that could happen, I could never get a 60′ bus out of the yard every morning.

    I still think of things that could have happened and still shiver twenty years later. Every work day, everybody in the driver’s seat comes within an a few inches of killing a pedestrian, and a foot or two of a fatal collision- generally non-preventable.

    Transit is very safe to drive, ride on, and be around. In general, in this country, construction machinery too. Which means that after checking for mechanical defects and operator error, training, work hours, supervision and maintenance need some serious investigation.

    Somebody didn’t know his or her job, somebody was ordered to work too fast, something didn’t get communicated..somebody, often higher up, deserves to be in trouble.

    Mark Dublin

    1. I still shudder when I remember how, in the early ’90s, Hammering Man fell into the street just as the bus my son and I were riding in had passed.

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