You can rest assured that tomorrow’s posts will be as earnest and authentic as any other day’s.*

We’ve had some fun with April Fools’ posts in the past (you can share your favorite in the comments), but last year’s generated much more angst than it was worth. And in any case we’ve probably outgrown that kind of thing.

Besides, there’s too much news to write about anyway!

* I can’t vouch for what’s going to happen on Page 2.

18 Replies to “No April Fools’ Tomorrow”

  1. Shame we live in a world where people can no longer do the mental work necessary to determine if something is a joke or not.

    1. Good reason never to use social media, especially Twitter, and have multiple sets of fake ID and passports, and either a good plastic surgeon or burglarize a theater supply store.

      Unfortunately, by saying this on e-mail, NSA will doubtless get out of their billions of cat videos and turn my every day of the year to January through December Idiot’s Day.

      Be afraid. Be very afraid.


      1. I have this theory about holidays…especially in America.

        It used to be that the holiday or special day was the one day of the year to do something.

        But now we do those things every day.


        We eat like pigs every day instead of Thanksgiving.
        We give ourselves lavish gifts like computers, and gaming consoles, and cars…every day, not just Christmas

        So too with April Fools. With the social media you describe, the large number of YouTube and TV pranks and blogs like the Onion, every day is a Fools Day.

        I have proposed that we make holidays the day when we don’t do these things.

        So on Thanksgiving we fast.
        On Christmas we become ascetics
        And on April 1st…we get dead to rights serious!

    1. Oh come, on! That’s sober common sense beside running street rail several miles southbound without catenary. Standard for fool membership is really slipping!


  2. Now if we go all meta here we can expect a completely outlandish post tomorrow complete with disclaimers referencing this post.

  3. In my mind, the problem with last year’s April Fools was that it was advocacy – stupid advocacy, yes, but we see far too much of that in the press. Greater Greater Washington has great April Fools posts about false facts; I’m not aware of any problems there.

    1. Specifically, advocacy that people do something that would have had bad consequences if they did. That’s different from poking fun at your own or others’ values. One problem is people misunderstanding the article. Another problem is the opposition potentially using it in a smear campaign that would influence a lot of people. But perhaps the biggest problem is that most people don’t know much about transit issues, so any stray sentence they hear could sway them, and they don’t have any context to evaluate it. They may never see the article itself, but only hear “Transit advocates are against this.” For people who follow STB, any change in direction raises the question “Why?”, “What changed your mind?”, “Or why is it only an apparent contradiction?” For people who don’t follow STB, they don’t know the direction has changed.

      1. Yeah, I agree. Personally I think the controversy over last year’s joke was way overblown. It was April 1st, so when the dust settled, it probably didn’t influence anyone. But I think these jokes are a lot more funny when it is a news report, as opposed to an editorial. People can say all sorts of weird things in an editorial, but an event (like the “Drive to Work Day”) is not only less likely to be a problem, but funnier.

    2. Well-done April Fools from an adovacy blog starts with a false premise and plays out the conclusions honestly — as a form of education. It’s actually rather tricky to do well.

  4. So, is the meet-up going to be the ‘Jokes on You’ this year?
    (I don’t want to start any rumors)

    1. Hope that was today. First time in months drive from Everett to Seattle was less than two hours. KIRO said Lynwood to 522 was only stretch that was “black-line”. You know, like vein before you die of blood poisoning.

      So better name for the holiday should be “Take a Week Crawling to the Place You Used to Work Before You Got Replaced By Somebody That Takes Transit” Day.

      Meantime, as they’d say in Holy Russia: Happy Name Day, Sam!


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