Just a reminder that we’re having our first-in-a-while meet-up happy hour tomorrow, April 1, at Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Seattle from 5-8pm.  Sound Transit’s Ric Ilgenfritz and others will be on hand to talk about ST3 and the upcoming ballot initiatives.  Come chat with us STB staff and ST folks to learn more about the project selection process and more.

STB Happy Hour
Rock Bottom Brewery
1333 5th Avenue
5pm – 8pm
Happy hour snacks will be served

8 Replies to “Reminder: Meet-up Tomorrow”

  1. Just a couple blocks from my office, so I’ll be there. I’ve gone to other transit events but this will be my first STB meetup. Looking forward to meeting everybody.

    1. There won’t be a slideshow or anything but Ric will talk for a bit and take questions.

  2. Will minors and underage STBers be allowed? I’d love to come, since I haven’t met a single one of you guys yet.

    -Typed from the Seattle Central Library, waiting for the KC Metro long-term visioning presentation

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