Bumbershoot 2015

Monday, September 7 is Labor Day.

King County Metro, Link Light Rail, Sound Transit Express, the Tacoma Link Streetcar, the South Lake Union Streetcar, the West Seattle Water Taxi, Pierce Transit, Community Transit local buses, Intercity Transit, and Everett Transit will be running on their Sunday schedules.

Sounder, the Tacoma Link streetcar, the Vashon Water Taxi, Kitsap Transit, Community Transit commuter buses, Skagit Transit, Island Transit, Whatcom Transit, Mason Transit, Jefferson Transit, Clallam Transit, Grays Harbor Transit, and Twin Transit will not be in service.

The Seattle Center Monorail will run 8:30 am – midnight Saturday, August 5 through Labor Day, in support of the huge crowds expected for Bumbershoot.

For Washington State Ferries, check the info on your specific route.

14 Replies to “September 7 (Labor Day) Reduced Transit Service”

  1. Big event with huge crowds expected….

    Why are we running lower service levels downtown again?

    At least the monorail continues to do its job…

      1. Yeah I know. Special service for big events would be worth considering though. Things get pretty slammed when events get out.

        At least the monorail will get everyone out of LQA/Uptown.

    1. They had some special weekend Sounder service for Puyallup Fair.

      Why not Bumbershoot?

  2. As I understand it, this is the first experiment for a series of public events to celebrate Holidays. These will consist of giving the public, as an adventure, the experience of riding transit systems of many different cities in the world.

    Because Event Services couldn’t get us the Sumo wrestlers we’d need for Tokyo, this year’s loading is only going to be New York City. Details are still confidential, because Seattle still holds the world record for high speed last minute decisions.

    To keep operations people on their toes. But mainly, as we speak, platform staff is getting crash course in phraseology, stressing fine points like: “Oh YEAAAAHHHH?” and “Gidddaaataheaaaah!”

    Also truly fine points like pronouncing a long “th” like either a “t” pr a “d”, and a long “u” as a double “o”. And best of all:

    “Dat is da STOOPIDEST ‘ting I have ever (mainly in Brooklyn) hoid in my entiah life!” To take home and frame, and also to use for public comment for a whole lifetime of public meetings on future transit plans.

    LINK wheels and rails are even now being tuned to do “Rhapsody in Blue” all the way up to the Tukwila. Gun-shots at trains will count for fire works because of budget cuts.

    Being elevated only through Downtown, the Monorail was going to have both stations fitted with peanut machines with a really loud “click”! So that like in Eastern US systems, a blizzard of pigeons will lift off from one station to the other every time there’s a customer. Credit cards not allowed.

    Sadly, pigeon pageant has been canceled because of incompatibility issues at last musical ride. When first blast of heavy metal caused every pigeon in the State to pretend they were seagulls and head for Utah.

    Though next year, so holiday can piggy-back onto Halloween, we’ll model that system in India where transit has its own morgue.

    Short answer, Brent: In variety of systems, it would be: “Sheesh! If I knoo da ansaah ta dat, I’d be Donald Trump!” But here in Seattle, explanation has to have the word “Issues” in it. “Ishoos” is a entirely different woid.


  3. The first hill streetcar will still operate the same trips it does on normal weekdays, however.

  4. Interesting that Tacoma LINK is shut down on Labor, Thanksgiving, and Christmas day. When did they start doing this?

    1. I just got a correction emailed from ST. Tacoma Link will be operating a Sunday schedule on Labor Day.

  5. This will be the last Labor Day for a long time-hopefully ever-when the following routes will run inadequate 30 minute schedules:

    1. strangely enough, Routes 72 will not exist next year (replaced by 372). 73 will be weekday only as a shuttle, This assumes the most current NE Seattle restructure being passed by County Council

      1. Route 372 will double the frequency of the current route 72 mid-day, to every 15 minutes, including on Saturdays.

        Route 48 will also move to 10-minute mid-day frequency (15- on Sundays).

        Route 62, replacing route 16, will move up to 15-minute all-day frequency, including on Sundays and holidays.

        The lack of festival shuttles directly to the Seattle Center is out of Metro’s hands. But with improved connectivity and frequency to UW Station from much of northeast Seattle, a lot of riders will switch to making the transfer there instead of at Northgate, and then transferring to the monorail, if we can cut through the red tape and get it integrated into the ORCA pod by next August. The monorail and the City want to do it.

        Speaking of red tape, the county council still has to approve the connectivity and frequency improvements, which is not a done deal yet. Check out today’s post, take advantage of the online testimony system, and contact your county councilmember as well.

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