Sound Transit photo of the opening of the pedestrian/bike bridge over Montlake, first featured in the Seattle Bike Blog

Link Light Rail service remains something to look forward to in 2016. However, the new pedestrian/bike bridge from UW Station to the rest of campus is now open.

Also coming in 2016:

  • Mid-day Saturday frequency on Metro route 48 may increase to every 10 minutes (but with the northern portion split off as route 45, and still running every 15 minutes on Saturdays);
  • Routes 67 and 372 may start running on Saturdays, every 15 minutes mid-day;
  • Route 75 may increase Saturday mid-day frequency to every 15 minutes;

This is IF the county council votes to accept the proposed Metro route restructures. Take a moment to submit online testimony and encourage your county council member to say Yes to the bus restructures that will substantially increase access to Husky Stadium, and to Link Light Rail.

And now, back to our regular programming…

The University of Washington home football season starts this Saturday. There will be cash shuttles from 320th St Park & Ride in Federal Way, Eastgate P&R, Houghton P&R, Kingsgate P&R, NE 100th St near Northgate Transit Center, Shoreline P&R, South Kirkland P&R, and South Renton P&R. The shuttles are free if you hold a UW Athletics season pass, but $5 cash otherwise.

Regular bus routes serving Husky Stadium or Stevens Way on Saturdays include King County Metro routes 31, 32, 43, 44, 48, 65, 68, 75, and 271. You can also get to the SR 520 / Montlake flyer stop on Metro route 255 and ST Express 545.

Check out the map below for post-game pick-up staging areas:

Husky Stadium staging areas

Thank you for your patience. Next year will be a game-changer for getting to and from Husky Stadium quickly, assuming the county council gives the green light.

25 Replies to “Improved Transit/Walkability/Bikability Coming for Husky Football”

  1. Next year certainly will be a game changer for access to Husky Football games, particularly from the south end. However the real game changer will be 2021 when Northgate Link opens.

    Now if the KCExec would just announce the date for U-Link opening…that will be a game changer beyond anything we have seen yet in the PS region.

    1. I wonder if they will still run special shuttles from Federal Way and South Renton, since those people could just park at TIBS?

      1. I doubt there would be enough spaces at TIBS for all those people to park. Angle Lake could probably hold them all once it opens, but people who live in Renton would likely Angle Lake out of the way.

    2. I’m hoping for Saturday January 2, or Saturday January 9. PLEASE, Sound Transit, get this thing tested and opened!

      1. All I know is that they have a target date, but they have been holding off on announcing it until they work through some supplier issues related to achieving 6 min headways.

        Supposedly we won’t have to wait too much longer before they announce a date, but I can’t get anyone at ST to even hint at it You’d think it was WWII and I was asking about the Enigma Machine or something….

  2. “The shuttles are free if you hold a UW Athletics season pass, but $5 cash otherwise.”

    Anyone know if they take actual cash now? I took one of these shuttles two years ago, and the only payment method accepted was credit card.

    1. Can’t answer that question as we tailgate, but I did want to mention that I don’t believe that season ticket holders get free shuttle service any more. We did not last year or I believe in 2013 when the stadium re-opened. Your game ticket – season or no – used to work on all the shuttles and act as a de facto bus pass on regular routes on game days – one reason average transit ridership was (is?) around 20,000/game. It really is the best way to go if you’re not tailgating or going by boat!

      The UW link above also does not say that season ticket holders ride for free. I’d prepare to pay the $5.

      So excited that this is the last opening day without rail service! Soon you will be able to attend games by bike, foot, car, bus, train, (sea)plane or boat. I doubt if any other similar facility on earth can claim that.

    2. If somebody can afford a game ticket, and more importantly $1000 alumni donations, then they probably have a credit card. Riff-raff need not apply.

      The other explanation is they’re paranoid about robberies. They certainly aren’t concerned about credit-card fees.

  3. “You can also get to the SR 520 / Montlake flyer stop on Metro route 255 and ST Express 545.”

    I really wish they would run a couple extra 255’s and 545’s after the game. I live within walking distance of the 545, and getting to the game is easy enough, but afterwards, depending on when the game gets over and the bus schedule, the flyer stop becomes overwhelmed with waiting passengers. The next bus can be up to a half hour away, and even then, there may not be enough space for everyone to get on. More often than not, I drive to one of the P&R’s to avoid the post-game uncertainty.

    1. I gave up on the shuttles long ago — too much time waiting to get on and then waiting in traffic. Buses Stuck in Traffic, especially traffic like that, generally suck.

      Now I just park well north of the stadium and do the long walk. It’s better for you anyhow. But you do need to use a little “local knowledge” to avoid getting stuck in traffic after the game.

      When Northgate Link opens I’ll give up on going to sporting events via car and switch purely to LR. Until then I might still try LR, but it won’t be nearly as advantageous.

      1. This is exactly what I do! I park in the neighborhoods north of the cemetery. Gives me a nice walk, and then by the time I get back to my car the traffic has (slightly) died down a bit. I live in Renton so I’m doing a lot of backtracking, but it saves on stress for sure.

  4. A couple of thoughts. The map shows the 65 and 75 going North on Montlake. First, those buses don’t normally serve that part of Montlake since they go through campus. Second, on gamedays, they are diverted either along NE 45th St, or to follow something like the 30’s route along Ravenna Boulevard.

    Also, the 31/32/65/75/68 are all diverted along 15th Ave, so the closest stop would be at Campus Parkway.

    1. Following the game several 65s and 75s are staged there to head directly north on Montlake and clear the stadium. They leave when full. Those routes are great if you live (or park) that way because there is no auto traffic until you reach U Village and the only congestion is really only between the driving range and the light at NE 45th Place (35th)/45th Ave NE.

    2. Metro’s service advisories confirm that the 65 and 75 don’t operate on Montlake or Stevens Way after games. That’s a bad map.

      1. The map is accurate for boarding post-game. Those buses are all staged there; they are not routes passing through. As you mention, “regular” through routes don’t operate on Montlake or Stevens Way as the area is all contraflow to get traffic out, and Montlake is for bus shuttles only.

    3. The 65 and 75 Coaches are Extras Not Regular Service at that that location for the “Game Break”
      In the Old days that would have been a Route 25 to Lake City.
      Husky Football Service has long history that might worth a more detailed disscussion

      1. What’s up with the 715 BALLARD shown next to the 44/48? No Ballard express is mentioned in the text; is it a post-game express variation of the 44?

        The EXP DOWNTOWN is clearer, but where does it generally run?

      2. (Sorry; reposting as a separate thread. But I’d definitely be interested in any discussion of that history!)

      3. Exactly. These are not regular service 65/75s but do run their routes once clearing the stadium area. I rode both of them (living in between) for many, many years. Shuttle service to the stadium started in 1987 as mitigation to the neighborhoods when the stadium was expanded from 60,000 to 72,500 by adding the north upper deck.

  5. (Sorry; reposting now as a separate thread)…

    What’s up with the 715 BALLARD shown next to the 44/48? No Ballard express is mentioned in the text; is it a post-game express variation of the 44?

    The EXP DOWNTOWN is clearer, but where does it generally run?

  6. I don’t know if it’s just an optical illusion, but in the post pic, the ramp behind the ribbon looks kinda steep and long for people in wheelchairs.

    1. It is a bit of an illusion; that part of the ramp is reasonably flat as it crosses from the triangle over Montlake. The ramp down to the station plaza is quite long but there is an elevator there as well.

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