I made several mistakes in Friday’s 2016 preview:

  • CT will add 3,300 service hours in March, not 33,000. September will be 30,000-35,000 hours.
  • Although the Mukilteo Park and Ride will break ground this year, it won’t open till 2017.
  • Pierce Transit will add service hours in September, not March.

I regret the errors.

4 Replies to “CORRECTION: Service Hours”

    1. Have those responsible for the errors been sacked? And if not, have those responsible for the sacking also been sacked?

  1. Careful, Martin. You could be setting a precedent. For instance, when any agency’s figures come up drastically below predicted performance, or when projects come on line months behind schedule may be a good way out to call these things errors and just apologize.

    Only one thing worse we have to watch out for: When something is screwed up until the bolt breaks, guilty party can now call it “A perfect storm.” Though I think certain law enforcement agencies already have that one under copy right.


    1. There could maybe be a new STB policy: any time any of the unpaid staff gets something wrong, their paycheck gets cut in half.

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