Monday, February 15 is Presidents’ Day. The South Lake Union Streetcar is usually open on most holidays, but is closed Monday due to street work, and since there is no “peak” period on a holiday.

The First Hill Streetcar will start charging fares on February 16, so get your free ride in while you can.

Metro will be running a Reduced Weekday and Reduced UW schedule.

The only King County Metro run reductions are for UW classes not being in session for the day. However, after March 19, more riders will be using these routes to get to UW Station before heading downtown. Of the impacted bus routes — routes 31, 32, 48, 65, 67, 68, 75, 167, 197, 271, 277, 331, 372, 373 — most can expect a permanent increase in downtown commuter ridership for minor holidays with U-Link in the mix.

  • Route 31 has one morning trip cancelled.
  • Route 32 has one afternoon trip cancelled.
  • Route 48 (which will be split in the March service change and get frequency upgrades) has six cancelled trips each way.
  • Route 65 (which will get a major frequency upgrade with the March service change) has six inbound and four outbound trips cancelled.
  • Route 67 (which will get a major frequency upgrade) has two trips cancelled each way.
  • Route 68 (which is being discontinued) has three inbound and six outbound trips cancelled.
  • Route 75 (which will get a major frequency upgrade) has two inbound and one outbound trip cancelled.
  • Route 372 (which will get a major frequency upgrade and weekend service!) has eight inbound and four outbound trips cancelled.
  • Route 373 (which will take over a few peak 73 trips) has three inbound and four outbound trips cancelled, which, in contrast to the other impacted routes, constitutes almost half its trips.
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    Suffice it to say that the UW reductions list for the next minor holiday — Veterans’ Day — will bear little resemblance to this UW reductions list.

    Agency Day Before (Sunday) Presidents’ Day (Monday)
    Clallam Transit No Service No Service
    Community Transit Commuter No Service Routes 402, 413, 421, 855
    Community Transit Local Sunday Weekday
    Everett Transit Sunday Weekday
    First Hill Streetcar (NEW) Sundayish LAST FREE DAY
    Greys Harbor Transit No Service Weekday
    Island Transit No Service Weekday
    Intercity Transit Sunday Weekday
    Jefferson Transit No Service Weekday
    King County Metro Sunday UW Reductions / Reduced Weekday
    King County Water Taxis No Service No Service
    Kitsap Transit No Service Regular/No PSNS
    Link Light Rail Sunday Saturday
    Mason Transit No Service No Service
    Monorail 8:30 AM – 9 PM 7:30 AM – 9 PM
    Pierce Transit Sunday Weekday
    Skagit Transit Sunday Weekday
    Sound Transit Express Sunday Weekday
    Sounder No Service Weekday
    South Lake Union Streetcar No Service (just for 2016) No Service (just for 2016)
    Tacoma Link Sunday Sunday
    Twin Transit No Service Weekday
    Washington State Ferries Sunday Weekday
    Whatcom Transit Sunday Weekday

    14 Replies to “Presidents’ Day Service (Last Free Day on FHSC)”

      1. Just confirmed it. Metro will be running a REDUCED schedule. Which means in addition to the listed trips above being impacted, certain non Seattle routes will see deleted trips as well. But otherwise a normal day with no peak fares on metro.

    1. Do the free rides on FHSC have anything to do with no schedule or real time arrival and that the end of this period might then mean nextbus or OBA will finally work?

    2. There is no peak period on minor holidays. Which is why metro abolished service reductions on minor holidays for routes within Seattle, and some commute routes like the 177 & 179 still partially operate.

      But in all seriousness, if there is still enough peak demand on minor holidays to compel metro to end reduced service within Seattle, then why don’t they apply that precedent to the SLU streetcar, which is already experiencing a 66% loss in use cases because of the construction?

    3. Thanks for the info, Brent. But I wonder if anyone can tell me, or tell me where to find out, what bus routes are going to stay in the DSTT after 3/19?


      1. After the March shakeup the remaining tunnel bus routes will be 41, 74 (weekday peak hours only), 101, 102 (weekday peak hours only), 106, 150, 255 and ST 550

        Routes 71 and 73 are being truncated to serve UW station and route 72 is going away.

        It’s my understanding that East Link construction will force ST 550 to come out of the tunnel in 2018. The rest of the buses will come out of the tunnel at some point between 2019 and June 2020.

      1. The decision to cut service isn’t based on the importance of the holiday… as much as it’s based on the cost to operate the service.

        Drivers who work a holiday typically get the choice of receiving double time (paid for the hours worked and the holiday they should’ve had off) or an extra vacation day.

        At the end of the day… it means that whatever it costs to run service on a normal day… it costs twice as much on a holiday.

        Also since most agencies simply run a Sunday schedule on Holidays, it seems to make them weary to add additional service hours on Sundays. I always assumed that’s why so many Metro routes have 15 minute frequencies Monday-Saturday and 30 minute frequencies on Sunday.

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