In the February 5 post on I-405 tolling, I described how WSDOT had agreed to changes in I-405 HOT lane operations. Those include toll-free travel for all vehicles on evenings, weekends and holidays.

I should have also mentioned that changes to tolling remain subject to approval by the Washington State Transportation Commission. At this point, the WSTC has not approved the changes described. The WSTC’s first review of the legislators’ request is this Wednesday, February 17.

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  1. Has any tolling system like our new one ever been applied anywhere else in the world? If so, where? And under conditions similar to ours?


    1. They have something similar in Orange county I want to say. A fully tolled freeway and one that has hov toll lanes. I’ve heard first hand from WSDOT employees that the modus operandi is to follow in California’s footsteps.

      1. OC does have the 91 Express Lanes, but there’s also the Metro Express Lanes on the 10 and the 110 in central LA.

        The 91 Express Lanes was a debacle, at least from a public opinion perspective. It was initially set up as a private concession, and the state signed a non-compete clause in which Caltrans agreed not to add any new general purpose lanes along the route. Traffic got worse and yet the 91 Express Lanes still failed financially, with Orange County having to buy out the private operator and taking it over themselves. That got rid of the non-compete clause and the extra general purpose lanes were recently added to the freeway. So, not the ideal outcome from the perspective of most STB readers.

        Metro also recently set up some HOT lanes on the 10 and the 110 in LA itself, using a federal grant. But this too has had its recent problems.

        I’m not familiar enough with the 167 HOT lanes, but those seem to have worked well and not caused the same level of public backlash as the 405 HOT lanes. Some of that backlash is stoked by Republicans for political gain, but much of it is genuine.

  2. Can the WSTC spit in the face ofdisagree with the legislature about when HOT lane tolls should be collected on I-405?

  3. Does anybody else think that paying for transportation by tolling, and even transit fares, is exactly like paying for a sanitary system with a coin slot on the flush handle?

    Argue for ever about what’s morally fair, and obedient to the rules of capitalism- themselves flexible in practice, in order to work at all.

    Many ways to be fair. But for the sake of sheer efficiency, starting with comprehensibility, plain taxes are simplest, fastest, and by results, fairest.

    Mark Dublin

    1. Would it be fair for me to pay part of the water bill for the family of 5 next door that does a whole lot more flushing than I do?

  4. Just to keep this observation on topic for both tolling and transit:

    1. Do we have to petition King County Metro or Sound Transit to get this morning’s first images as transit operators’ uniforms?

    2. What is a fair and equality producing way not to have to even think about the men’s version of these uniforms?

    3. If we have to share HOT (No! Stop! Kill him!) Lanes with buses, can we set our transponders either to charge us more, give us free trips, or pay us?.

    Public comment to legislators should be of level to blow out every server in Olympia now! Which will make it work considerably better than now.


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