Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 11.28.52 AMIf you want a chance to ride ULink’s inaugural train on March 19th, with a “Golden Ticket” commemorative ORCA card to go with it, a reminder that the the deadline to enter is today, February 29. The easiest way to enter is via social media; simply like/follow Sound Transit on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share a photo or video using #ULink2016 and you’ll be entered to win. For more info, see

4 Replies to “Last Chance to Win a ULink Golden Ticket”

    1. From a quick read of their oage guidelines, it’s a bit more fine-grained: you can’t require that people use their timelines to enter, or worse, involve their friends (“tag your friends for more entries “). It seems fine to ask people to share a photo on your entity’s page, however.

    2. An ongoing investigation of alleged fun-police shooting of an unarmed clown-impersonator is being hampered by the fact that body cameras were so completely covered with whip cream that no clear image can be discerned.

      Details at eleven. That’s All, Folks!


  1. I think I’ll pass and keep that weekend open, but I eagerly await the opening of University Link. I work downtown and I often take a pass on evening events in the U District just because I’m feeling on the lazy side and getting there from the office is something of a pain. I suspect those days are numbered.

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