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  1. Hmmm. I just ran into this in Jessyn Farrell’s C Is for Crank interview:

    JF: That’s what makes it tricky. There were a lot of eyes on that 2015 vote and [the MVET valuation schedule] did not come up the way it should have and that really stinks. I really wish that we had just fixed it in negotiations quietly.

    It looks to me like she’s peddling the fiction that the original valuation schedule was “slipped through” the legislature. We all know from a guest post by Rep. Fitzgibbon a few days ago that there was an actual amendment proposed in the Senate to substitute the more recent schedule back during the original debate authorizing ST3. I suppose that since the amendment was proposed in the Senate, a Representative might argue that she was unaware of it. But for someone as committed to Sound Transit as Rep. Farrell is, that’s a pretty damning admission.

    That sounds like Farrell is being “disingenuous” at best on this issue.

    That’s not a reason not to support her: she’s the very best on transit. But it’s a bit spineless.

  2. If I could have afforded the rent that would’ve entitled me to vote in next week’s election, I would vote for Ms. Oliver on two grounds.

    One, her challenge to Ed Murray didn’t have to wait until he was disgraced out of the race over something besides the Deep Bore Tunnel. And two, her first oath of office will mark Seattle’s agreement to turn once again into someplace I can stand to visit. Let alone live in.

    Whether or not I get a free condominium for life with a LINK station in the basement.
    Meantime, I’ll have the whole expanse of the Sound Transit service area for place a residence. And for remaining lifetime work, keep working on the fine Regional transit system that survived the awful buses we terrifically started it with.

    Of course Seattle will persist as a truly world-class neighborhood. Of the class that every city on Earth has, regardless of national ideology. Massive Money delivers the same worldwide eviction notices, even in Swedish. So it’s time, region- and world-wide, for some less-dispensible Ballards.

    Where “mass” is a term referring to the material worked by a population of skilled machinists and other technicians at union wages.

    Mark Dublin

  3. But also, Martin, want to clarify that to me, it’s a recommendation that Nikkita is willing to ask businesses the size of Amazon for enough tax money to pay for the effects of what they do as they make their profits.

    Anybody with a problem over that, would rather they go someplace where they and their hosts deserve each other. Until their subjects finally send them both to…okay, it is sort of “piling on.” Can’t people show some pity and stop messin’ with that poor State?

    Yesterday’s morning rush hour freeway reports were howling like air raid (or tsunami) sirens. Over a few rain-drops. An extra hour in from Everett to Seattle. And last night, I had to turn back to Tacoma from Dupont twice. Last one from the Mother of All Accidents. (Well if bombs have mothers who love them, car wrecks should too!)

    Had to come south on SR7 to 507 to Yelm, Tumwater, and Olympia. But did verify that Tacoma Route 1 would be the Mother of All BRT in on ‘7, through Downtown on Pacific, trolley-climbing to High Point, and on out 6th.

    By my own standard of evidence, no absolutely conclusive proof that Seattle’s real estate market is the only reason that highways passable in 2014 are locked down daily now.

    But bet me Jennie Durkan wouldn’t not only raise the coincidence in court, but lock some innocent college kids in (Private Profit-Making) detention centers, ’til they squealed on the speculators seated just outside the door of the dish-washing room.

    However, Martin, we agree on one thing. If current National politics are any indication, previous elected experience should be pretty much required for chief political leader of anything. Next few elections best possible practice.

    Meantime, though, please let Jessyn come visit once in awhile.


  4. If I could, I’d vote for the best candidate possible for Sound Transit Board. Clearly Jessyn Farrell.

    I want somebody who will fight hard for Sound Transit, not equate it to dog poop (Hasegawa) or WWII evil regimes (Tsimerman) or corrupt.

    I want somebody who has a big enough bank account to tell the wrong people where to get off – try Constantine Station.

    I want somebody who can catch a transit football from our Russell Wilson and deliver it where intended like Tyler Lockett.

    I want somebody who wants to win forever! GO SOUND TRANSIT ON THE JESSYN TRAIN!

    1. Is any candidate notable on transit or land use? Is anyone pushing for a Kent transit master plan? Is anyone advocating more density downtown beyond the few buildings planned, or mixed-use on East Hill?

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