Update August 2023: contact us to write an article.

It’s come to my attention that our hiring of a paid staff reporter has introduced a little confusion into the process for volunteer contributors. Transit enthusiasts who are not seeking payment for writing, and are able to commit to contributing articles on a regular basis, are welcome to start the much simpler process to join the STB volunteer staff:

  1. Open a Page 2 account.
  2. Write an article, save it in draft, and email contact@seattletransitblog.wpcomstaging.com. Do NOT publish it.
  3. If it meets our standards, after some editing, we’ll publish it as a guest post on the front page. If there is a sustained rate of guest posting, on the order of once per month or greater, the writer will be invited on staff.

Being a volunteer staff writer has a few advantages. You get direct access to the front page. Most enthusiasts would probably enjoy access to the staff group, which has a lively internal communication channel and a few social events.

I’ve found that the ability to write well on this subject and the drive to do so, for free, on a regular basis is a rare combination. If you think you fit the description, it would benefit the organization and the transit community for you to give it a shot.

6 Replies to “Becoming an STB Volunteer Writer”

  1. Dear STB Community;

    a) If most of my writing was not about issues north of say Edmonds, I’d seriously consider coming back. I would.

    b) Frankly I’ve toyed on and off with the idea of starting up a “Paine Field Transit Blog” but if I’m going to do that, I want to be at all the relevant meetings to do proper justice. Some of which have recently by multiple transit agencies and nonprofits run well past the last bus back home to Skagit…



    1. A general Paine Field news blog would be pretty handy right now. The terminal is finally showing some real progress (along with the neighboring Swift stations), but I can’t quite hoof it to the area for pictures all that often.

      1. Not to mention the upcoming construction of north link. Should be starting pretty soon.

    2. Gentlemen, great thoughts. I will keep my own counsel with the exception of a few buddies and make an announcement on a future open thread how I proceed.

      I agree with you Bruce (and have your e-mail) that Paine Field is underserved in media.


  2. I think readers would be interested in hearing how Joe, A 12 for Transit, reaches and/or sees all of the meetings he does make it to from Skagit County, well outside the taxing district (I have a good idea). Also, what might be going on with Skat. Between that, his work at the Museum of Flight, and his commentary in virtually every place I’ve been, he is like the “Energizer Bunny.” I’m sure that STB readers would welcome whatever he could contribute.

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