SB6772 is Mary Haugen’s (pictured) attempt to get local governments to pay for the state’s roads. You still have time to mail your senator and tell them you don’t like this bill. TV Washington will broadcasting starting at 3pm, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens on this front.

Update, after the hearing
Haugen clearly loves this bill. She spoke at length about how great the bill is for Seattle, and how helpful it would be for Spokane.

One interesting thing is that if 6772 passes, there’s no way ST2 will get on the ballot this year. First, the elected officials would need to get elected, probably this November. If they hustled, they could get something on the ballot sometime in 2009, though it would likely have to wait until 2010.

3 Replies to “SB 6772 Hearing at 3 pm”

  1. Nice how they do this on Super Tuesday when everyone is paying attention to the presidential election.

  2. It was interesting, the guy said that there’s no way a ballot could come back this year if 6772 passes.

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