The Puget Sound Regional Council has released their approved project list to receive funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

The only change from the initial staff recommendations is that the Metro hybrid bus purchase fund has been increased by $3m, by zeroing out funding for a Burien TOD project (I think it’s this project).  The big relief, though, is clinching the Metro vehicle maintenance subsidy, which should plug the 2009 deficit, increasing the time for someone to save Metro before armageddon in 2010.

I’ve asked Metro if the $25m for maintenance does count directly against the $29m deficit, and will follow up when I get an answer.

The full FTA list (and FHA list)  is below the jump.

PSRC Federal Transit Administration funds will go to:

Location Project Funding Request
King County Ferry District Maintenance Barge & Equipment $1,314,011
King County Metro Vehicle Maintenance $25,000,000
King County Metro Acquisition of 40-foot & 60-foot Hybrid Buses $45,940,537
City of Seattle South Lake Union Streetcar (PM) $314,011
City of Seattle Monorail Train Safety Improvements $1,000,000
Sound Transit University Link Light Rail Construction (accelerate light rail to Northgate) $4,612,221
Sound Transit Tukwila Commuter Rail Station – Accelerated Final Design and Construction $ 4,612,221
Sound Transit Clean Fuels Buses (East King) $ 4,612,221
Location Project Funding Request
Kitsap Transit Small Vessels, for Bremerton-Port Orchard POF service $875,000
Kitsap Transit Purchase Vans $1,890,493
Kitsap Transit Main Base Expansion $95,889
Location Project Funding Request
Pierce County Ferry Opns. M/V Christine Anderson Preservation/Electrical System Upgrade $1,274,011
Pierce County Ferry Opns. Anderson Island Ferry Terminal Preservation $25,000
Pierce County Ferry Opns. Ketron Island Ferry Terminal Preservation $15,000
Pierce Transit Preventive Maintenance $4,400,000
Pierce Transit Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Compressor, Filter and Backup Power Upgrade $ 1,571,075
Pierce Transit Acquisition of Alternative Fuel (Hybrid-Electric or CNG) Buses $5,400,000
Sound Transit Lakewood-Tacoma Commuter Rail (M Street – Lakewood New Track and Signal) $ 4,612,221
Location Project Funding Request
Community Transit Bus Replacement (40-foot & Double Decker Buses) $13,024,814
Community Transit Preventive Maintenance $1,109,645
Everett Transit Transit Stop Enunciators Purchase and Installation (73 Vehicles) $450,000
Everett Transit Everett Preventive Maintenance $862,285
Sound Transit Mountlake Terrace Freeway Station Construction $ 4,612,221
Location Project Funding Request
Washington State Ferries Systemwide Vessel Preservation (Jumbo, Super, Issaquah, and E-State Class) $4,246,042
Washington State Ferries Systemwide Terminal Preservation Projects $4,246,041

The PSRC Federal Highway Administration funds will go to:

Location Project Funding Request
Redmond NE 36th St Bridge $11,000,000
Renton Rainier Ave S (SR 167) $2,000,000
Seattle S Spokane St Viaduct $15,443,000
Bothell North Creek Trail $500,000
Burien 4th Ave SW Pedestrian Safety $625,000
King County Roads SW 98th St – Phase I, Pedestrian Corridor $1,498,000
Kent East Valley Hwy – SR 167 to S 212th Street $2,000,000
Normandy Park 1st Ave – Phase IIA, between SW 192nd St and SW 200th St $3,834,000
Sammamish E Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE – NE Inglewood Hill Rd to NE 28th Pl $3,500,000
Location Project Funding Request
Poulsbo Viking Ave Improvements Phase II (McDonalds to SR 305) $3,800,000
Bainbridge Island Core 40 Shoulder Widening Program – Blakely Non-Motorized Project Phase II $150,000
Location Project Funding Request
Orting SR 162 Rechannelization $420,000
Puyallup Shaw Rd Extension Phase III $2,000,000
Eatonville Rural Town Centers and Corridors Program $825,000
Port of Tacoma Lincoln Ave Grade Separation $15,408,000
Location Project Funding Request
Lynnwood 1-5/196th St SW Interchange Bridge/Pedestrian Improvement Project $1,250,000
Snohomish County Granite Falls Alternate Route $3,500,000
Stanwood 68th Road Realignment and School Safety Improvement Project $750,000
Port of Everett W Marine View Dr Roadway Ped/Bike Corridor Improvements (11th to 16th) $1,900,000
Everett Holly Drive Non-Motorized Improvements $750,000
Arlington 188th Street Pedestrian Trail $122,000
Community Transit Mountlake Terrace Park-and-Ride (Upper Parking Area) $425,000
Bothell North Creek Trail (various sections) $600,000
Edmonds Annual Asphalt Overlay Maintenance Contract $1,000,000
Tulalip Tribes / Snohomish County 116th / 34th Ave NE Fish Passage Culvert $2,000,000
Mukilteo Harbour Point Blvd Street Rebuild $1,100,000
Mountlake Terrace 52nd Ave Reconstruction Project Overlay $ 1,000,000
Marysville Street Overlay Project $500,000

11 Replies to “PSRC Allocates Stimulus Funds”

      1. I think the acceleration money isn’t even as big as the lost in sales tax from the down economic, so it’s not even a wash.

        Obviously, it’s better than a down economy AND no stimulus cash.

  1. I think most of the new buses that get assigned in Seattle should be absolutely assigned to the Viaduct Corridor no if and butts about it. Ie routes to West Seattle and Ballard from Downtown.

    1. seattlefire,

      There is not going to be any new bus service as a result of this. It’s going to upgrade the fleet and prevent immediate, draconian cuts.

  2. Wow, Redmond came in a close second to Seattle in dollars awarded. Notably absent is Bellevue. I’m pretty sure the $15M for the “viaduct” is actually “viaduct replacement”. I’m assuming it’s the approach roads being built in anticipation that the deep bore tunnel will get funded.

    All the years I’ve lived here I never realized Normandy Park was actually its’ own city. I also had no idea that the Revised Code of Washington official classified anyone as a “second class city”. Probably not what you put on the sign, “Welcome to Normandy Park, a second class city” ;-)

    The really great news is the McDonalds spur off of SR305. I always thought McDonalds was Scottish food; it must be Scandinavian. Is lutefisk on the dollar menu? :-P

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