From all of us here at STB, we’d like to thank you for reading us in 2013. Over the past year we’ve had 665 posts, nearly 40,000 comments, and over 800,000 pageviews.  Our top ten posts in 2013 accounted for 10% of our web traffic on their own. Here’s a look at them:

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Happy New Year to our community, and we look forward to the next few exciting years!

4 Replies to “Top Ten Posts of 2013”

  1. This comment from “MS” on most-read post #3 sounds like the perfect New Years’ resolution for what we, as riders, can do to help our fellow riders (second only to doing whatever we can do to get a VLF/sales tax proposal passed so that we can continue to have a workable bus system):

    “STB PSA works! Today’s scene: This cold morning, Fri 12/6, 28X on NW Market St & 8th Av NW, always a long line to board but even more so today for scheduled 8:14am trip. Some of us get on, many others still outside. Driver plays auto announcement to move back, then uses own voice to ask again. Small shuffling to small effect. I’m standing in front half of bus. Emboldened after reading this STB post, I say loudly: ‘Look at those cold people outside, let’s let them on. We can do this!’ More deliberate movements and all get on. Yay!”

    Thank you to former operator David for having the guts to call out problem riders and crowdsource solutions thereto. Help everyone get home safely tonight. Urge your fellow riders to move back. Yes, all the way back, so nobody gets stranded.

    If you are thinking of drinking tonight, don’t plan to drive. We have an awesome transit system. We have various free-ride programs. We have cabs and “ride-share” services galore. Get home safely tonight, everyone. Happy New Year!

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