Tomorrow is the next Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee meeting, 2pm, at Seattle City Hall. The committee will discuss some generally malign microhousing legislation, but the main event is discussion and a possible vote on the North Rainier rezone. You can click through the history of the legislation starting here.

This may be the meeting where this bill finally goes to full council, a significant milestone in itself. However, there are two important modifications currently under consideration:

  • An amendment by Councilmember Bruce Harrell to reduce maximum height at the Lowe’s site from 125′ to 85′ — reducing its potential to encourage growth or host something really great; and
  • An addition to the upzone of two blocks immediately south of Mt. Baker station. It is truly astonishing that parcels across the street from the station have made it this far into the process without more consideration in the upzone.

If you have strong feelings about this legislation, the best thing to do is show up a little before 2pm and sign up to speak. If not, the second best thing is to email the committee members (Mike O’Brien, Tim Burgess, and Nick Licata) and share your thoughts.

7 Replies to “Reminder: North Rainier Upzone Tomorrow”

  1. Did Transit just get suckier? Where’s the ST560 on the schedule, trip planners, etc.
    I plugged in a BTC to Seatac Airport trip for next Wed, and it gives me a 550 bus to IDS and Link to SEA, and a whopping 1:27 to get there.
    Did I miss the memo cancelling the 560?
    Try RTC to SEA, a trip that takes 27 minutes now. Both Metro and ST trip planners give you RR-F only and much longer trip times.

  2. Anyone know what the result of today’s meeting was? Was either amendment accepted? I’m hoping to avoid having to watch the video replay. I understand the full council vote won’t be for at least another week or two.

    1. Here’s a small summary from
      “Rainier Valley height rezoning bill advances in Council

      A Seattle City Council committee on Tuesday passed a land rezoning bill, which would loosen height restrictions for buildings near the Mount Baker light rail station in the North Rainier Valley. The thorny piece of legislation has elicited strong views from both backers and opponents. If approved by the full council, the maximum allowable height would go from 65 feet to 125 feet — approximately 11 stories — on a parcel of land along Rainier Avenue South, where a Lowe’s Home Improvement store is currently located. In areas to the south and west of that site, height restrictions would change from 65 to 85 feet.

      The bill passed 4-1 and is scheduled for a full Council vote on June 23. Council members Mike O’Brien, Sally Clark, Nick Licata and Tim Burgess voted for the bill. The no-vote came from Bruce Harrell, who introduced two motions during the committee meeting. One would have indefinitely delayed a vote on the so-called “up-zone,” the other would have dropped the height restriction at the Lowe’s land parcel to 85 feet from 125 feet. Both of Harrell’s motions flopped.”

      1. That sounds like pretty good news. Doesn’t seem to be any word on the two blocks immediately south of the station… hopefully they made it in.

      2. Bringing more land into a rezone in the middle of the process is not how rezones usually work. Councilmember O’Brien merely brought that land up for future attention at the previous meeting.

        I haven’t heard UW express any interest in moving their laundry facility, no matter how low-and-worst-use that is of the land directly adjacent to the station.

  3. Thanks! I wish there was way to see the committee’s vote on or maybe I just can’t find it.

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