"New Years Fireworks at the Space Needle"
New Years Fireworks at the Space Needle
As is becoming a tradition, there will be extended hours for New Year’s Eve on Central Link Light Rail, the Seattle Center Monorail, and Tacoma Link.

From the monorail’s holiday service page:

On December 31. 2014, the Monorail will be open until 1:00 AM for the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Space Needle. Due to regulations, the Monorail will carry its last passengers from Westlake Center to Seattle Center at approximately 11:15 PM. We will resume service from Seattle Center to Westlake Center once we receive the ‘ALL CLEAR’ from the Fire Marshall (estimated to be 12:20 AM) – from this point we will carry passengers until 1:00 AM.

The last southbound Link train will depart Westlake Station at 1:13 am.

The last Tacoma Link streetcars depart Tacoma Dome Station at 12:36 northbound and Theater District Station at 12:48 southbound.

A full list of New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day service reductions can be found here.

12 Replies to “New Year’s Eve Extended Service”

  1. Seattle estimated weather on Wednesday:
    low of 27 deg F, 6 mph winds from the NE

    Portland estimated weather on Wednesday:
    low of 19 deg F, 20 mph winds from the Columbia River Gorge.

    Forget New Year’s Eve transit service. I want whoever plans your New Years Eve weather.

  2. And Metro, of course, is adding more service, right? (Ha ha ha ha ha ha!) I’m sure that one last run of the 8 leaving at 12:30am will be sufficient to carry everyone going to Capitol Hill.

      1. Smart people watch it on TV, but a lot of people go to Seattle Center anyway. And they drink. And the only reasonable option for them to get home is to drive. It’s embarrassing as a city that we can’t plan for this and provide decent transit for special events. We don’t add a drop of additional service for Seafair or Pride, and only sometimes a shuttle service for Bumbershoot. At least Sound Transit is starting to get it.

      2. Metro has had event service on the SLU streetcar the past couple 4th of Julys. The most interesting thing is that rail services get boosted while bus services do not — most notoriously the 31, 32, 44 and 16, also on the 4th of July. Boosting only rail makes some sense in terms of rail’s ability to move large numbers of people quickly, but it doesn’t make a lot of sense when entire quarters of the city don’t have rail. Do we really believe that people living near Link and the SLUT are interested in attending events and those who live on bus lines don’t?

  3. Last train leaving Westlake should be at 230am latest. NYE is such a big night for pepple coming into the city and going out. It should also be ride free.

  4. Meanwhile in Los Angeles…

    Go Metro to your New Year’s Celebrations. Metro will run FREE (9pm-2am only) special OVERNIGHT 24-HOUR service from December 31 into January 1 (Red, Purple, Blue, Expo, Gold, Green, Orange & Silver Lines).

    That’s right, the trains and BRT lines are running all night with trains coming at least every 20 minutes. That’s in addition to the 30 night owl bus routes that already run on weeknights.

    It’s not exactly clear… but during the prime drunk-driving hours all rides on Metro Rail and Metro Bus are free.

    1. My point exactly. Everywhere but Seattle is adding late night service, and many are providing it for free.

      Vancouver, BC:


      San Francisco:

      Why does Seattle have to be so backwards? We need to encourage transit service on a night where everybody is partying and drinking until late.

  5. Flywheel is offering $10 flat rate cab rides on NYE. The private sector can recognize a need. King County Metro? Not a chance.

  6. King County Metro is planning extras for before and after the fireworks. I saw Centrals posting of the open pieces. There are Central base extra runs for all 3 rapid rides, then a bunch coded 880 (as needed I’m guessing). Details are not really known until those who have signed up for them sign in. There are also Ryerson extras planned.

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