We had a full house of STB readers for last Friday’s meetup at the Impact Hub to discuss Metro’s Alternative 3 for restructuring Northeast Seattle and Capitol Hill buses when U-Link opens next year.  Metro planners Jeremy Fichter and Ted Day gave a short presentation and then took your questions for over an hour.  Afterwards, a few of us decamped for Good Bar down the street to continue the discussion.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and to Ted and Jeremy for coming out to answer questions and share their thinking with us.  Were you there? Say hi in the comments and tell us what you thought.

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  1. It was mkay. People asked too many micro questions (why is my bus making a right here, a left here) and didn’t get to meatier topics like system planning, transportation philosophy etc. which I thought would’ve been much more interesting.

    1. I thought the topic was the U-Link reorganization. If anyone had general planning questions they could have asked. But what would we want to ask? We could have an interview or another meetup for it.

  2. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. It sounds like these meetings are pretty popular (I’ve only been to one).

  3. Hi – I enjoyed it. Especially was happy to see a rep from The Daily there. The wayfinding inside ImpactHub to the meeting room itself could have been better, and I mention because its a problem that we often touch on so we should practice improving amongst ourselves.

    I felt like I was disturbing work each time as I helped people tromp past the ‘kitchen’. :)

  4. I really appreciated the contributions from Mr. Fichter and Mr. Day as well as the two other gentlemen that worked with them (one seated in front, one standing – did not catch their names). I felt they all had deep knowledge of the system, were very good at presenting and responding to questions and above all were willing to come out at 5:30 on a very nice Friday afternoon.

  5. My favorite line of the night:

    Q: Can you do anything to help with the route 8 congestion at Denny?
    A: Yes we are going to fix it. (facetiously)

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