On primary election night, there were two nail-biter races for who would take the second spot on the November 8 general election ballot, involving candidates endorsed by this blog. The nail-biting is over, and the two upstarts endorsed by STB have advanced.

Brady WalkinshawIn the wide-open race to replace longtime Congressman Jim McDermott to represent the 7th Congressional District, STB-endorsed former State Representative Brady Walkinshaw has opened up a wide lead over third-place finisher County Councilmember Joe McDermott. Councilmember McDermott conceded on August 5. Shortly thereafter, McDermott endorsed Walkinshaw in the general election. Walkinshaw faces State Senator Pramila Jayapal in the finale.

Guy PalumboIn another shocker, Snohomish County Fire Commissioner and STB endorsee Guy Palumbo has beaten out 3-term State Representative Luis Moscoso to advance in the senate race from the 1st Legislative District. Moscoso had come out against all tolling on I-405 in his Voters’ Guide statement. The two Democrats were fighting over second place in the primary election, as the other candidate is a Republican, and the 1st is a historically tight swing district. Moscoso conceded last Tuesday.

Other STB endorsees who have advanced to the November 8 general election include:

  • Jay Inslee, running for re-election as governor
  • Patty Murray, running for re-election to the US Senate
  • Dan Shih, running for the open position 1 seat in the 43rd Legislative District
  • Derek Stanford, running for re-election to position 1 in the 1st Legislative District
  • Shelley Kloba, running for the open position 2 in the 1st Legislative District
  • Rick Talbert, running for Pierce County Executive
  • Linda Farmer, running for Pierce County Commissioner, District 6
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    If you aren’t registered to vote at your current address, you can do so from the convenience of your home right now, online.

    3 Replies to “Upstart STB Endorsees Advance to November”

    1. There’s an easy link to check your current voter registration info: https://weiapplets.sos.wa.gov/MyVote/#/login

      If the info isn’t up-to-date, call King County Elections (206-296-VOTE) and they can update your record over the phone (unless you have changed your name or moved to another county). Also, anyone who had a ballot forwarded to them by USPS should check to make sure that their address has been updated with the Dept. of Elections before the next election. Having a ballot forwarded will inactivate your voter registration and until you update your address with DoE or the Dept. of Licensing, no more mail will be sent to the old address.

    2. A true Hobson’s choice in the First District Senate race. You can choose a guy who is relatively good on transit but is an advocate for private schools, or you can choose a guy who is a public schools supporter and a bus driver by trade! who votes against transit priority.

      Or you could choose a techie from Microsoft who might be good on both but is a vote for the retrograde caucus.

      I feel for you, voters of the First district.

      1. Sorry, “could have chosen a guy who is a public schools supporter…” He didn’t make the grade.

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