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  1. Here is a complete and comprehensive list of Cary Moon’s qualifications for office:


    1. @No way, at least one of the qualifications for elected office is to be on the ballot for said office, which both candidates are.
      Your post is just a lazy provocation, which there have been far too many of since the start of the last presidential campaigns.
      @Lazarus, whether you agree with the redevelopment of the downtown waterfront or not, Moon was instrumental in getting a vision of what the waterfront could be out in front of city leaders and residents, getting different constituencies and interests behind an idea of what this city could be. And unlike the Seattle Commons and the Monorail, the Waterfront plans are still moving forward.
      While this effort is not the same as dealing with more mundane municipal issues, I’d say that is getting things done.

      1. Moon had little to do with what is about to happen to our waterfront. She was just part of a larger team, and hardly an instrumental member of that team st that. The fact that she portrays it differently is in my mind disqualifying.

        The vision for our waterfront goes back decades. It is hardly new, and Moon didn’t have any sort of epiphany in its development.

        If credit needs to be given for our future waterfront, give it in equal parts to the Nisqually earthquake and the DBT. And, for the record, Moon deserves no credit for the earthquake and she fought against the DBT.

        Vote Durkan. She is a leader and knows how to get things done.

      2. You are wrong on both points in your replay.
        First, you are conflating qualifying for the ballot with being qualified to hold the office, but those are not the same thing, and just being on the ballot does not make Moon qualified to hold office.
        Second, pointing out Moon’s total lack of qualifications is not “lazy provocation;” it’s a critical point that her supporters are ignoring their desire to support someone who opposed the highway 99 tunnel. OK, I may be making assumptions about motivation on that point, but the people I personally know who support Moon keep going back to the tunnel as the reason why, or else they claim my support for Durkan is paid for, which turns me even more against Moon. (BTW, when do I get my check from Comcast?)
        As to the waterfront, Moon did nothing that would not have happened anyway; you’re giving her credit for other people’s work developing and instituting the waterfront redesign, and I’m not buying it.

    2. Neither one is especially qualified to be the mayor. Neither one has held elected office, nor has any experience in city government, let alone been a city council member. None of them are like Norm Rice, or Greg Nickels. Moon is like McGinn or Royer, while Durkan is somewhere between Paul Schell and Ed Murray when it comes to experience.

      1. Not that RossB would want my opinion of his summary but I find it a fair comparison of the candidates.
        I voted for Mayor McGinn and did not vote for Murray so the vote of this old piece of suede in the current election is a foregone conclusion.

  2. I voted. I voted NONE OF THE ABOVE in the King County Executive race, the King County Sheriff race, two of the Port of Seattle races. If I was voting in the Seattle Mayor’s race I would be voting NONE OF THE ABOVE there as well. There is no real difference between Cary Durkin and Jenny Moon. They are both Seattle elitist who think people outside the city are worthless.

    1. Durian and Moon are running for mayor of the City of Seattle. They aren’t representing people outside the city.

      1. I know. I am just saying that I am glad I live in a city with real choices and not two of the same.

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