Since I started this blog a year ago, I’ve had four great co-bloggers and a guest blogger join, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about transit and transportation from personal study but most importantly from the comments and from the co-bloggers.

That state of Seattle transit is mixed. The SLU streetcar opened in December, but the Waterfront Streetcar has been killed for a decade or more. Link Light Rail opens next year, but it’s expansion failed last year. We’re still not any closer to a plan or a vote this November.

At the same time, traffic is terrible, and tons of people are still moving here. Some 10,000~12,000 units of housing are being built just in Seattle. We’re going to need solutions for our transportation problems, and transit is still the cheapest way to move people.

Thanks for reading over the past year, and I hope we find the next to our liking.

5 Replies to “Seattle Transit Blog Turns One Today!”

  1. Congrats, and thanks for all the hard work you put in to help inject the transportation debate with a little sanity. I wish the daily newspapers’ transportation writers Mike Lindblom and Larry Lange would ditch their sensationalst approach to reporting (providing a soapbox for crazy anti-rail loons). In a more perfect world, they would then adopt STB’s more in-depth method examining the fairly complex world of Seattle transportation issues. So long as these two guys (along with that space cadet Robert Mak and raving lunatics Ken Shramm and Dori Monson) are charged with educating the public on public transportation, the public will continue to be in the dark. Light rail operations next year might change public perception (and lazy media coverage) somewhat….but STB will most certainly have plenty more educatin’ to do in the coming years.

  2. Congrats on a first year and thanks for your work on this- I hope you have broadband or an electric typewriter or something to deal with Blogger’s incredibly sluggish editor. I find that posting more than a paragraph or two on my blog is like wading in waist deep water, so I really appreciate how much work this is.

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