Red bus lane in front of UW Medical Center

If you lose interest in STB when you get out of town, you might have missed some pretty good stuff the last couple of weeks:

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  1. Hi Martin. The “recent changes” linked to One Bus Away article instead of the Sound Transit one.

    1. +1

      Not working for me either. I think in that earlier discussion on the OBA problems we learned that it would be “early next year” or something similarly vague before the fix was actually complete. So it could be March…

    1. “The project is expected to be completed in 2019.”

      Interesting, so E360 will be done in 2019, but the project will take until 2023 to open. I wouldn’t expect it to open too early since R8A phase 3 is getting a late start and the OMSF and the track connection at IDS isn’t scheduled to start construction until 2019.

      At least there’ll be expanded parking at Overlake TC. Maybe if ST3 is passed the DB contractor could start on the Redmond extension and have it ready by the time East Link opens.

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